Two Great Things That Go Great Together!
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What's better than Squirrel Girl? Squirrel Girl Talking About Tree Lobsters!

Squirrel Girl is getting a stand-alone graphic novel, a YA novel, and is still generally awesome.

Tree Lobsters: chuffing along nicely, now in San Diego.
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Tree lobsters are great. So is Ryan North and Erica Henderson's Squirrel Girl. Worth mentioning: it recently crossed over with the also-great Howard the Duck.

Humor in comics! What a concept!
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And in the inevitable "who would you cast as the MCU SG" category, I keep vacillating between Hannah Murray and Kristen Schaal.
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He's that Ryan North?! I have his post it notes!
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Zdarsky’s Howard the Duck is OK, I guess, but I don’t think anyone has ever really gotten the character except Steve Gerber. In fact, I don’t think anyone has gotten the character except Steve Gerber on whatever drugs he was on the in the 1970s.
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I'm looking forward to the Squirrel Girl movie that should be made about 10 years from now by whatever nerdy B-list actress decides to take a page out of Ryan Reynolds' playbook.
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Technically it's Howard A Duck.
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Also, yes, Ryan North and Erica Henderson are wonderful.
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Wait, Ryan North is writing SG? I too have his post-it notes!
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I have the first collection of The Amazing Squirrel Girl, and I love it so much. A friend of mine kept on going on about how awesome Doreen is, but then this just encapsulated everything amazing about her.

She stops Galactus from eating the Earth by taking him to a planet with delicious and filling nuts! Come on!

And there's a Koi Boi now? Oh my god, come over here and talk to my goldfish for me. I want to hear about how he's always hungry.
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His Advenrure Time comics are a favorite with the kid too - oddly though she's never really been that into the show itself.
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I'm so confused... I honestly expected something involving this squirrel girl.
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Ryan North has officially committed to writing 1,000 issues of Squirrel Girl. That might not be enough. There's only been one issue so far that didn't have me continually laughing out loud. I am half tempted to dive into Marvel continuity just because of USG, but I don't have that kind of time or money, and I'm pretty sure this is already the top rung of the ladder.
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If you stayed to the end of the credits you'd know that the last person to get Howard the Duck was The Collector.
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I've said it before and I'll say it again: Squirrel Girl netflix series followed by Squirrel Girl movie for maximum Squirrel Girl kicking butt and coding action.

I've cut back on comics recently but I still need Squirrel Girl in my life.
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That hatching video in the last link is pretty mesmerizing.
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If they do make a Squirrel Girl movie or cartoon, I hope they pay Jack White whatever he wants to include "Little Acorns" on the soundtrack.
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The only thing better than Squirrel Girl is Squid Girl, de geso ?
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I don't know about Kristen Schaal for SG. With the right writer or writers and director, maybe. Schaal seems a little too inherently quirky, because (I think) the character's already so goofy that she needs to be played a little straight for it to work. I do really hope a movie gets made though, she's my favorite superhero by an infinitely wide margin
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The stuff about the tree lobsters was REAL? Aaah! I love this comic even more!

I like Comics Alliance's suggestions for the Squirrel Girl movie cast. They have Kristen Schaal down as Girl Squirrel. Perfect.
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Does Chipmunk Hunk use his cheeks as a utility belt?
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Squirrel Girl is a sophomore in college.

Sorry, Kristen Schaal.
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Now, an animated series (which I actually think could be a perfect fit for the character), she'd be a fine voice actress choice, but not live action.
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I had a little thrill the other day when I thought there was a Lego Minifigure of Squirrel Girl but it turns out that it only exists in the the video games.

Step it up, Lego and/or Marvel.
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Right? I don't even want to contemplate the ways I would abase myself to get a Squirrel Girl Mech kit like in the video game.
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They could Amy Sedaris it up.
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My five year old daughter routinely requests the first two trades of Squirrel Girl as her bedtime reading. I am only too happy to oblige. And I recently got this poster for her. It has pride of place in her room.

Squirrel Girl
is so awesome because it shows an alternate way of being a superhero -- using empathy and creativity to settle conflict. And I love how multilayered the scripts are -- they work for little kids, non-comic nerds, and deep comic nerds.
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I’ve already planned my Chipmunk Hunk cosplay for CONvergence this year…
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While I have issues with Marvel comics on other subjects, I have to say I really appreciate that they have made a serious and sustained effort to put out comics for a variety of audiences. Not just aging white males with nostalgia issues. I can't think of any DC main-line comics that would be suitable for handing to most 8-year olds, for example. I mean, would you want to give your tiny Batgirl fan a book with this cover?

It's a bit sad when you are watching a little girl grow up, and how much she loves her superhero jammies (with cape!) and her Supergirl t-shirt and her Girl Power Little Golden Book with Batgirl and Wonder Woman... and then there's absolutely nothing for her in the main DC universe if she goes looking for her favorites. My psuedo-niece is four and not quite adept enough at reading to read on her own, but I already gave her Little Robot, and in a year or so I will be seeing if she likes Squirrel Girl and Kamala Khan. And maybe a Ms. Marvel t-shirt to go with.
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