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Huhhhrh! [ponk] [doont] [ponk] [doont] Huhhhrh! [ponk] [doont] [ponk] [doont] Huhhhrh! [ponk] [doont] HRARGLBL [ponk] [doont] Huhhhrh?
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Your description evokes a dog having a difficult time outside, several hours after chewing up a cheap toy.
I had thought there was a rule against excessive grunting, but apparently ...
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I watched this twice to make sure I understood what was happening. I think I figured it out:

• if you usually yell, "DEHHHHHH!" when you hit the ball, and then forget to yell, "DEHHHHHHH!" after you hit the ball, the ball loses some of its will to go fast and over the net.

• sometimes your opponent can also yell whatever variant of "DEHHHHH!" they want.
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That sentence rings out Weird Mefi Month in the finest possible style.
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I don't think I fully understand what is happening or why this is hilarious, unless going YEHHHHHHH! is all there is to it, in which case it is indeed hilarious.
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I, for one, think it's really funny. Thanks for posting.
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Positively begs to be mashed up with this.
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The ridiculous noises are hilarious.
The extra hilarity comes from the opposing guy apparently getting frustrated at Mr. Gruntsman, grunting himself, getting penalized for grunting, and then throwing a tizzy at the judge over it.
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Oh, is THAT what happened? Here I was just laughing at the grunting - like a rube.

No really, thanks for explaining that, I had no idea. I mean, it's great either way, but now it's extra funny.
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What a load of shit--one dude grunts every shot, and the other dude gets penalized for doing so once?

Tennis, man. Get yr shit together.
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He got penalized for being sarcastic and passive aggressive. It's poor sporting attitude.

If he had acted like a mature (ok, "mature") person and walked up to the referee and requested something be done about the grunting, he wouldn't have been dinged.

It is also the cost of being nice—you pent your frustration about something, but if you aren't mindful that something's bothering you, it gets released in counterproductive ways. That's what happened here, too.

As for the other guy engaging in the posturing and taking advantage of tennis norms by making excessive exertion noise—the fact that the referee never recognizes it as problematic says volumes about the structurality of commercial sports institutions. There is a blindness here, and this moment reveals it.

Ok I'm done.
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Well, the other dude didn't so much grunt as yell AAAAAHHHH in an exaggerated imitation of the first player. It's still pretty funny, but are people not hearing the difference? It's seems obvious to me.
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What an absurd game. But, aren't most of our professional sports absurd to some degree?
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I heard the other guy's EUAAAAAH in response to the first's DURRRRRR but it wasn't clear he was penalized for it until I came here. If I were him I'd get real tired of DURRRRR too.
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Man, that was the pits of the world — which makes me realize I'm old, since McEnroe vs Gulikson was almost 35 years ago. Lama (if it is he of the DEEHHHH!) really needs to work on that noise, as it seems a little too long to fit into a Fairlight's sample buffer.
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Did Don Martin make this post?
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Did Don Martin make this post?

Whatever it was before, this is now the Don Martin sound effects post.

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Someone should employ the grunting as a strategy. First you establish the rhythm by grunting every time the racket contacts the ball. Then at some point, once your opponent is lulled, you grunt either before or after the racket hits to throw your opponent's timing and perception off.
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He got penalized for being sarcastic and passive aggressive. It's poor sporting attitude.

Ah, good old-fashioned mind-reading. Even shittier.
posted by Joseph Gurl at 11:49 PM on June 1, 2016

Now this is a weird tennis story.

He started so promisingly. He really did. Then Richard Gasquet seemed to have a full-blown existential crisis that would've made Sartre proud.

That is one of the weirdest sentences I have ever seen on a sports page. What percentage of the ESPN readers ever heard of Sarte? What percentage of the human race ever got past page 44 of Being and Nothingness?
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