Will Amman cut off diplomatic relations with Israel?
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Will Amman cut off diplomatic relations with Israel? Jordan in turmoil over mideast chaos. I knew the U.S. gave some 3 billion to Israel yearly, and 2 billion to Egypt, but I had known we are also generous to Jordan too, though the total amount unknown. to me. It was of course Jordan who had the West Bank under their control but gave it up after the '67war, while also absorbing many Palestinians. Now it seems the chickens are coming home to roost. Thus another country that may soon topple its rulers in this volatile area of the world.
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I would say that it is highly unlikely that Jordan will "topple its rulers." Having lived there for a year, I can say that they are fiercely monarchist, and that King Hussein and his son the current King Abdullah II are held in the highest esteem. It is a great tragedy that the people of Jordan are suffering over the conflict next door -- as my friend told me, Jordan is a place to live if you are sick of politics, and many Arabs from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, etc. move there to get away from the conflicts in their own countries.
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