Theropod. Ninja. Champion.
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Direct from the Cretaceous, weighing in at approximately five tons, the tyrant of Larimidia, competing to be the one, the only, American Ninja Warrior, it's TTTTTTTTTTTTTT REX!
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I saw this on Facebook and one of the commenters wrote "You can tell it isn't a real T-Rex because of its arms." I have no idea if they are joking or being serious, but I want to believe.
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Who needs TV?
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When I saw this recently, I was having the worst day. It put a huge grin on my face the whole time, and I actually felt much better for having watched it. It is so ridiculous looking, and yet somehow it seems to depict a triumph of the human/dinosaur spirit at the same time. You know it's a person in a suit, so you are impressed that this is happening. And at the same time, you are thinking "good for you, dinosaur, with your little t-rex arms."
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The guy does a whole youtube channel emblazoned Dinosaur Parkour. Seriously. Check it out.
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Oh god, that Jurassic Parkour video, Nanukthedog, ahahahahahahaha
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T-Rex making friends at Venice Beach
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I never realized before how badly I needed a T. rex suit.
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Every time I see something like this I feel like I, too, need a dinosaur costume for mundane things like mowing the lawn or visiting an ATM.
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So I was going to get my little (30 year old) brother that costume for Christmas, because he felt the same as you two, and I am a really excellent sister. It was super-back ordered. I got him something else for Christmas but left the order in, since they said it would be six months and that would be around his birthday and I knew it would be perfect.

I figured the company would send an e-mail when it shipped so I could alert him to expect a surprise but it did not, and it shipped months earlier than than it was supposed to. So, in March I come back from a run and look at my phone and all his 4 siblings and assorted spouses had gotten a group video text from brother with the best Trex dance ever filmed in any suburban living room ever included, followed by a string of question marks. When I am having a bad day I still look back on the confused/delighted conversation that ensued and feel better about my family and the world. I love that he thought ANY ONE OF US could have done it and that all my siblings just yes-anded him until I eventually confessed. His (lovely) wife and cat may never forgive me.

In conclusion: $75 well-spent. Highly recommended. Buy one for a friend while you are at it.
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I honestly, earnestly believe that these T-Rex outfits are by far the best thing to come out of that last Jurassic Park movie.
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I knew he was gunna fall as soon as arm reach became a factor. Curse those tiny TRex arms!
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I really miss MXC. It was funny. This "American Ninja" thing is crap, and is not funny, or even entertaining.
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I really miss MXC. It was funny. This "American Ninja" thing is crap, and is not funny, or even entertaining.

MXC was vaguely racist. ANW isn't meant to be funny most of the time - it's all about the positivity of cheering on every competitor - but it is very entertaining.
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Oh I had no idea I needed this. But I did! Thank you!
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Je Sui Meathead
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