Real Life is Marscraft
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A young man named Cody with a nervous giggle restores an old mine over the course of 12 videos (and counting). He also raises bees, builds rockets, makes heavy water, has a homemade experimental greenhouse, and refines precious metals (including platinum from road dust, previously). And he really, really wants to go to Mars.
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I stumbled upon Cody'sLab before it was cool it seems... I recall those mine videos, despite having been caving a time or two, seriously ramping up my nervous factor because it seemed like one wrong move and he'd be trapped in there. Still, I can understand the urge to revisit (and later utilize and camp inside!!) a mine dug by [a friend of?] his grandfather on some family property so, power to him.
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I've been watching these since that platinum video previously, they're pretty interesting stuff.
I'm still a bit behind though.
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I was 100% sure this was going to be interesting Minecraft videos and mods.
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I'm pretty jealous of this guy. He does a lot of the sort of hands on things I wish I could do. The main difference being that he has both some of the means, as well as the drive. That latter bit makes me mad jealous.

There are all sorts of chemistry and optical-physics-heavy photography stuff I'm vaguely interested in. However, I lack the necessary drive and dedication. I'm far too intellectually lazy to follow through on these interests. Makes me wonder how much of one's intelligence boils down to persistence, self-confidence, and drive.
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Just sat through the first few precious metal refining videos. Fascinating stuff, thanks!
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Why is he upside down?
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I wish I had the drive, stamina, and grit to watch all of it.
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