Music To Rip And Tear By
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After initially rocky multiplayer beta impressions, Doom (or Doom 4 or Doom 2016, if you prefer) has turned out to be one of the best single-player experiences of the year. One of the most acclaimed parts of the remake is the crushingly heavy electronic and heavy metal soundtrack (YT Playlist). Composed, produced, and largely performed by Mick Gordon, who also did the soundtrack for Bethesda's Wolfenstein: The New Order, his YouTube channel hosts a two-part making of video showcasing the instruments and thought process behind the new/old sound of Doom.
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Sadly, there's no news of an official OST release yet, but hopefully soon.
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Doom 4 is easily one of the best games I've played- its pace is somehow even more frenetic than the original. Wish they'd been a bit more creative visually, though- the monster designs are a lot better than Doom 3, but the environment visuals pretty much match 3. I want the technicolor pandemonium of Doom's original Hells, rather than the caves and fire of Doom 3/4. Maybe in the expansion/sequel/whatever.
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Playing it now, and it is superfantastic. If you are on PC though, you should back up your save files. A known issue causes save files to be corrupted if the game or your computer crashes unexpectedly--in my case, caused by Windows auto-updating mid-game. You can "restore to previous version" with your save folder (do it to the desktop first, then copy over corrupted folder), but you will likely lose at least a level and possibly items you have found.
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The first ten minutes of the game are one of the best opens to a game I've ever played. Very clearly lays things out, takes a pause to spit some blood on the "being lead around by voices on screens/maybe they're ALIENS" plot of Doom 3, throws you right into killing demons within 5 seconds of hitting the Go button, and ends with a kickass cutscene.
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This game is exactly what you dreamed up as a middle school kid after playing the original Doom.

Or alternatively, it's exactly what you remember the original Doom being like if you haven't played it since middle school.

It's quite an amazing feat considering essentially all of the original developers are long gone.
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I played a whole lot of Doom back in the day and solidly unimpressed with Doom 3. I played single player NuDoom for the first time last night. It was very well done, level design seemed solid and the enemy AI was pretty good... but yeah, that music, it definitely felt like an homage to that 90's industrial but well executed and updated.

Snapmaps though, can't wait to see what people pull off with those.
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Was given a surprise bonus for helping out with some additional work-related duties this past week and decided to spend the money on something completely unncessary: video-games!

Was wanting a FPS and had the choice between DOOM or Overwatch. I opted for Overwatch. As much fun as DOOM looks, I think that Overwatch will ultimately have a longer play life. But maybe if I have some extra cash at the end of the summer. It does look like a lot of fun.
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DOOM really surprised me, I went all in and pre-ordered it purely because I was feeling nostalgic & wanted to see the id 6 engine without expecting too much, but it really has been a great experience so far. The game feels challenging (to a casual gamer like me at least) & really makes skilled, speedy movement a core part of the experience (no standing still, very unforgiving when you miss a crucial shot).
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I've been on a linux desktop for 15 years, and thought I was done after UT's Operation Overlord burned me out, but this soundtrack brings me right back to the days when I used a joystick on the left instead of wasd and aimed with the mouse on the right... )

Should I get a PS4, or steal my daughter's win10 laptop and tell her, "Sorry, no minecraft tonight?"
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Ravneson, How is the multiplayer and online community? Would love some more Mefite feedback. The links in the main post seem to point to it being a kind of mixed bag, not everyone is a fan. The most common consensus is that it's basically Unreal Tournament/Quake-esque.
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The multiplayer is pretty awful, which is exacerbated by Bethesda seeming to think that the multiplayer is what people care about.
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And also the new Doom. A bunch.

Doom 3 was too scary for me. I couldn't really get into it because I was just terrified (I'm a little bit of a wimp). This game? I feel like that scene from Watchmen - these monsters? They're locked in here with me. And I have a chainsaw.
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A combination of Rock Paper Shotgun and Metafilter positive reviews have convinced me. Tonight, I'm going to Hell.
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Are you sure I should listen to the ingame soundtrack? 'Cause And Justice For All seems like the appropriate throwback to my highschool self.
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The multiplayer is pretty awful, which is exacerbated by Bethesda seeming to think that the multiplayer is what people care about.

Then I'm glad that I went with Overwatch, because I'm loving the fuck out of that game. I already have too many other games with campaigns that I've not played through, not sure I need another. DOOM isn't going anywhere. Besides, Steam Summer Sale is next week!?!
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I was on the fence about this for a long time leading up to release- id is hardly its former self under Bethesda, I liked Rage (I think I may be the only one) but even I can admit it was an unfocused, detached mess, the multiplayer beta looked unspeakably awful and it seemed like they were cynically ripping off Brutal Doom with the "glory kills" thing.

The one thing that started to turn me around even before SP reviews started trickling in and revealed it to be more in line with Wolfenstein: The New Order than Doom 3? (Or Wolfenstein, for that matter, the one with no subtitle that seems to have been officially wiped out from at least Steam?) Hearing a newly recorded version of the immortal E1M1 music in the trailer.
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For some reason I had no idea the reviews were positive. The last shooter I played was the Shadow Warrior reboot, (not very challenging but lots of fun), so I guess it only makes sense to pick up the new Doom.
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Fizz, I've hadn't much time to explore the multiplayer fully yet. That said, it is slightly a mixed bag, one doesn't quite get the same feel as the SP game (yet). Multiplayer looks slated to get some sorely need upgrades soon, so if they manage to fix/tweak a bit it should turn out pretty fun. The whole upgrades/levels thing is a bit trite though, entirely unnecessary for what in essence ought to be a fragfest.

I'm curious to see how the upcoming Quake release will work vs. DOOM MP as they have a good deal of potential to be quite similar in many regards. Still going to do my fair share of MP on both in the end though, it seems.
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Ugh, so many games, so little time. I've barely touched the campaign for Wolfenstein: The New Order. And this thread really makes me want to just hit purchase, but I must resist. My queue is already full with Witcher III, Fallout 4 and Metal Gear Solid V. And as far as multiplayer goes, Overwatch has been taking up all of my spare time when I'm not at work. Damn you gaming!?!
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Also, I haven't actually played New Order but I have listened to the OST. Mick Gordon is a talented man. E.g. Boom Boom (with bonus remix).
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Is New Order good? Are there any games it's especially comparable to? With the Steam Sale coming up it's on my radar.
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This game's combat is REALLY fast paced. It might give me a hard attack.
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Is New Order good? Are there any games it's especially comparable to? With the Steam Sale coming up it's on my radar.

It's absolutely amazing. And compared to many AAA games, Wolfenstein: The New Order is focused on the campaign mode, so there's a lot of story and content built into the game. I need to go back and play it again. I only managed to get half way through before I was distracted by something else. The combat is very fast paced and such a variety of weapons to maim and kill Nazis with. Definteily worth picking up.

[Also, for anyone interested, add me on steam: FizbansTalking_Hat]
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New Order is super good. Better than the new Doom, IMO.
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As much as I'm loving Doom that sounds like high praise!
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Good thing I kept reading... Originally I was thinking this was about a different kind of ripping and tearing.
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Here's a little New Order tip. My favorite moment in the game came only because I chose to save the right NPC. Near the beginning, you get to choose whether to save a grizzled soldier or a yokel. I chose to save the yokel because I assumed that saving the soldier was the "right" choice and wanted to see what sort of story the devs would write in for the B choice. And doing so gives you a little side story that is way better than the alternative. (I didn't realize that it depended on the guy I saved at the time, so I kept wondering, "Why aren't people talking about this? This is so fun and funny!")

Both Doom and New Order are perfectly tongue-in-cheek in just the right way for their respective franchises. They're excellent reboots. (The Tomb Raider reboot is good too. All these 90's games properties really needed reinventions, and they're all getting the ones they deserve.)
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Came across a stat the other day that puts the original Doom in context:

The Average Webpage Is Now the Size of the Original Doom

Have a much harder time getting into these kind of games these days. Hopefully the new Doom stays true to the simplicity of game play. Look forward to giving it a try...
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Can the new Doom compete with the Doom 32X soundtrack?
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Because of this thread I downloaded the demo and holy SHIT it is a blast. Too bad I have to wait for the price to drop.
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Others raise a really true game economics point. There is a huge time discount on games, and the single player won't change. Multiplayer is dependent on it still being what your friends are playing or at least having an active community; your friends are a decent reason to spend the money for a new-new game much more than a cool campaign.
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Oh yeah, if I don't care about the multiplayer, I love to ride the tail end of technology. There are more great games than I really have time to play so it's pretty easy for me. There are still so many games I want to play on the PS3 that I'll probably be able to jump to affordable 2nd gen VR by the time I'm ready to upgrade.
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Video lost me at 9 string guitar. I will not be a part of this heresy.
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There is a huge time discount on games, and the single player won't change. Multiplayer is dependent on it still being what your friends are playing or at least having an active community

The online multiplayer community also makes it difficult for new gamers to join into a universe that already has an active gaming base. I managed to pick up GTA-V a few years after it had already reached peak popularity. I gave up trying to enter their on-line community because it was too difficult for me to join in. All these crews who were far more experienced, had more access to money and guns, and it just made it difficult to try to enter into that gaming universe. That deck was already stacked against me.

There's something to be said about joining in on a multiplayer gaming experience when everyone else is joining in. At least for those early weeks/months, everyone is on the same skill level and learning the ins and outs of that particular game. It'll be interesting to see what Overwatch looks like in a year.
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Actually one of the things I really quite like about Destiny is that the single player, co-op events and raids give you more than enough equipment and weapons to be at least decent at the starting levels of difficulty. I didn't start doing PvP really until year 2 started up with The Taken King, but I've progressed pretty well with it.
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With all the talk of New Order in this thread, I'm really hoping you get to slap people in it.
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Been thinking about getting this game for single player, but I'm not sure if it has the longevity of Just Cause 3, which is the other game I am considering.
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Well damn you MetaFilter. I just spent money on a game I didn't need but really wanted. Fuck you and my wallet.
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Doom is already 40% off for PC, if PC is your thing. Amazon, Steam, and whoever else feels like matching prices today.
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