Where Are My Pandas?
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Here's a great new game: Find the ThingX among a sea of ThingYs... It began with a panda in a picture full of snowmen. Then a cat in a flock of owls. (YOLO: You Obviously Like Owls) Another panda, hidden among elephants (harder than you'd expect). More pandas among Star Wars Stormtroopers and Black Metal Rockers. Also, for Star Wars Fans and all movie lovers, one Oscar among dozens of C3POs. A literal Easter Egg among bunnies. Some puzzles like these are easier (and less creative) than others. And the latest and greatest: find a certain celebrity/candidate's hair in a pile of tribbles.
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Well I'm not sure about the easter egg, but I think I found Glenda.
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Wow, I should clearly be working for the lost panda unit at the FBI, because every one of those pandas jumped out at me immediately, as if vibrating in a different color. The other puzzles were less obvious.
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Got them all pretty quickly, except the egg which I found but (like Mrs. Davros) I wasn't sure about. Per the artist, the egg solution can be found here.

it really doesn't look much like an egg to me
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I came here to say the Easter Egg one was the hardest and that I hadn't spotted the egg. But then I looked at the answer and I had indeed spotted that. The Donald With Tribbles is indeed the best.
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Yeah, the egg one is annoying because it doesn't necessarily read as an egg other than it's a random drawn thing that shouldn't be where it is otherwise.
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These are fun (except the "l/1" one, which is stupid.) I got the pandas almost straight away too...

Same as everyone else with the so-called egg. But where is that bloody Oscar!

this probably says much about my thoughts re: celebrities
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iffthen: "But where is that bloody Oscar!"

Right next to C-3PO. The one with the red arm.
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I think a couple of years of playing hidden object games (although I haven't played one in a few years now) has permanently altered my brain, because I found all of them immediately. I also find that every time we're at a beach, my two kids and I devote most of our time sifting through sand and pebbles looking for tiny shells no bigger than grains of rice.

None of which explains my inability to find tools I put down just a few seconds ago.
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Martin Handford is rolling in his bed
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Find the perfectly good white boy
That's a real shame.
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Oooh. I finally found something I'm good at. I've got all of these within perhaps a second or two of looking at them, including the egg one. I want more please!
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Needs more Daleks.
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i'm finding there s a pattern to many of these. fun!
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If you enjoy this sort of stuff, I can heartily recommend getting Little Things for your phone or tablet. It's weirdly engrossing.
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The one I found a bit difficult was C-3PO, and I realized as I was searching I didn't really know what Oscar looks like.

My six-year-old is all into the I Spy books, and we recently found her an old Where's Waldo from the 80s which she has been loving.

I noticed the tile repeat on the storm troopers, and have to admit I was a little disappointed.

Pipeski I think the cognitive problem in finding lost things involves setting aside beliefs about the location – beliefs that have been proven wrong but are still hard to abandon. Once I have processed enough possible locations, I find myself revisiting them. After exhausting the deduced potential locations, the brain is faced with a really wide solution set and tries to filter it by running the same deductions that just failed. Having small children is great practice in finding lost things!
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Most of these are in relatively the same place.
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That egg one is bogus. It looks more like a belly marking than an egg, and all the other pictures have the hidden thing the same size/shape as the many things it's hidden with.

I'm still working on the Land of Waldos.
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Ok, so the panda and the elephants, is the panda decapitated or is it just me? (Is that a spine or something else?)

I was hoping for actual photographs, but this was pretty fun.

The easter egg one is definitely bogus. On the other hand, I did find the walrus in that one too.
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Update: I found Waldo.
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I thought the egg one was kind of clever for playing with your expectations based on the previous ones. But yeah it could look a little more like an egg and not a vague beige thing.
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