The God Squad
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The God Squad Christopher Hitchens gives (another) one to organized religion, and reminds us of the important role that the Islamic world played in preserving Western Civilization.
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I see history as a chain of civilizations. Each learning (the good and the bad) from the previous. I think the rise and fall is part of the product cycle, so to speak, of any civilization. It wouldn't be a surprise that an act of the past by one civilization, helps prosper a future civilization.

By the way, Ferdinand and Isabella, rediculed the Muslims (hatefully called Moors), by saying that they would be crushed like Mosquitoes. Hence the Masjid (Muslim place of worship) came to be called a Mosque. Many Muslims do not know this fact themselves. Those who do prefer the word Masjid. (source: A Complete Idiot's Guide To Islam).
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*low whistle*

So there you have it: The country's senior Protestant is a gaping and mendacious anti-Jewish peasant; the leaders of official Jewry are cringingly yoked with him for the purpose of a disastrous crusade and meanwhile the cardinals are running a rape fiesta for twitchy "celibates."

"gives" one with brass knuckles.
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We tend to forget that Maimonides, another great figure of this culture, wrote almost all his major works--with the exception of the Mishneh Torah--in Arabic.

Yes, but he used Hebrew characters. What does any of that prove?

Also, A Complete Idiot's Guide to Islam is doing it's damndest to sell you a follow-up in the series by giving you misinformation. Mosque *most likely does not* come from "mosquito." Webster's 1913 dictionary: F. mosquée, Sp. mezquita, Ar. masjid, from sajada to bend, adore. Merriam-Webster Dictionary [completely different dictionary, mind]: Etymology: Middle French mosquee, from Old Italian moschea, from Old Spanish mezquita, from Arabic masjid temple, from sajada to prostrate oneself, worship. American Heritage Dictionary: French mosquée, from Old French mousquaie, from Old Italian moschea, from moscheta, from Old Spanish mezquita, from Arabic masjid. See masjid.
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I've loved Hitchens ever since I read his takedown of Mother Terera for her inexcusable defense of the Duvalier regime (among other things). His book on the subject is titled, in typical Hitchens fashion, "The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory & Practice." No cow is too sacred for the Hitch. No double entendre too tasteless. Chapter 9 in his book "Letters to a Young Contrarian," loosely expresses the rationale for his distaste for organized religion (in the usual tongue-in-cheek manner) and is definitely worth reading.
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I see history as a chain of civilizations. Each learning (the good and the bad) from the previous.

Isn't Hitchens also making the same point?
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when did I say I disagree with him. I said one shouldnt be surprised at that. Hitchen's writing seems as if he is annoucing the "facts" on a loud speaker. Every one should already understand this.
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Thanks for the link, Hitchens is a hoot and The Ornament of the World sounds like it's worth checking out.
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