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BEND Our presence, our ability to live, leaves love notes for the seeds yet to bloom.

Directed, Curated and Edited by Olivia Morrow
Poets (order of appearance)
Aki Kame
Jaye Sablan
Roin Eugene Morigeau

Performers in order of appearance:
Beverly Ragasa
Erika Zumwalt
Esra Cömert-Morishige
Archie Shandler
Jade Dynasty
Ebo Barton
E.T. Russian
The Lady B
Aki Kame
Rio Abundez
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This is my best attempt at a transcript since one was not available. (Note that I am somewhat deaf myself, so there are a few places I am slightly unsure of.)

I am a work in progress
parted through a broken process
My heartbeat skips where my ancestors never learned to love themselves
My heartbeat skips where my ancestors never learned to love themselves

[birds and city noises]

Equal parts too much / not enough
I was once a child floating in an unfamiliar sea
Suspended between beauty and expectation,
I hadn't yet learned what my birth would bring

[Music Shift - strings and piano]

Whatever your reason for disgarding me out on to the street
After spending an hour sharing my body with yours
After spending days coaxing and chasing me
A door wide open
A wide open relationship
Whatever the reason,
I know the truth

The browned glow of my body too much
My hard earned sensuality too much
My tenderness and intuition too much
All of me laid naked and glorious before your whiteness too much for you
And that is the truth

Fuck you.
I'm not disposable.

[Music stops, sounds of water]
[The word "Pain" 49 times]
Love [as the flowers are put into the water]


[Piano music starts again]

I once thought that I was left with nothing
That my mother grandmothers were right and that the living legacy was dead inside my body
What I didn't realize was that it was me inside that legacy all along

The comfort of fluidity dissolves these lumps deep in my throat
A lifetime of tongue biting and never breathing deep
Our presence, our ability to live, leaves love notes for the seeds yet to bloom.

[birds fade in, music out]

Feel your feet deep in the earth
Hook to your roots
And remember to Bend.
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E.T. Russian is the author of a pretty amazing zine called Ring of Fire, now collected into a book. Their legs were amputated following a trainhopping accident, and I love their writing about disability justice, sex, and queerness. I'm curious about the other folks in the video and will definitely be looking them up to learn more. Thanks stoneweaver!
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ここに生きている (koko ni ikite iru), "I live here" in Japanese. The verb is present continuous tense; "I am living here" would be literally closer but comes off more stilted than the original.

Thanks for posting this.
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That was incredible. Thank you for sharing.
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The thing that I really like about this piece is how it uses the combination it's vivid imagery and evocative poetry to touch on so much in such a short span of time. I feel like it makes a statement on queerness, trauma, growing up bicultural, disability, PoC experience in white supremacy, love, and relationships, all in less than 10 minutes.

I guess what I'm saying is that it's very intersectional and I like it.
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