and a star to steer her by
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Voyaging canoes are awesome. Kauai's is Namahoe, and will hopefully meet Hokule'a in Tahiti.
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She arrived at Mystic Seaport today, and was greeted by members of the Mashantucket Pequot and Wampanoag tribes. Pics on their Facebook.
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This is very cool.
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It's amazing that they are also working with some traditional navigation practices, which are mindblowing, though I suspect what they can do on the East Coast is more limited. You can read some great stuff about how it works in this NYT piece Secrets of the Wave Pilots.
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Polynesian outriggers are such awesome boats. I'll have to go visit this one when it comes to Boston.
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We’re the last stop, here at the end of the East Coast, and eagerly awaiting their arrival next month. I met the captain four years ago when his cousin and I both worked for the same whale watch company — we had an evening in town where she led a female group demonstrating Hawaiian dances, and then he gave a talk about voyaging canoes, and the science of navigating thousands of miles across the ocean using the stars. Needless to say, he’s quite an impressive guy.
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When does this actually come to Boston? I couldn't figure out the schedule; perhaps the page didn't render coreectly on my phone.
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Boston July 9-14. That link was a wee wonky.
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My father sailed on the Hokule'a, after assisting Nainoa Thompson with some information regarding navigation (in my dad's capacity as an oceanographer at the University of Hawai'i). He sailed part way from Tahiti to Hawai'i before being taken off due to a leg infection that threatened his life. Hokule'a is a special part of my family's history, and I'd love to see her again... didn't see anything about her coming to Oregon, though. I'm back in the islands in August (for a couple of weeks), but it looks like it'll take her a lot longer than that to make it back home. Maybe next year.
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Oh, hey, saw this a couple of weeks ago in NYC. They had a small stage set up with Hawaiian music and dancing, and it was a great event that I randomly stumbled on while taking Little Halleck #2 out for a stroll. Wish they'd publicized it better in NY, as it seems like the only people in the audience were the other performers, despite it being in a very well-trafficked family-friendly area. Had I known I'd have brought the whole family for the afternoon. I couldn't even find so much as a flyer. It wasn't until later, when I got home, that I was able to figure out what was going on.
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Thanks. I'd not heard of this canoe before. Incredibly interesting.
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I see what you did in that title.

Awesome thing for a canoe crew to do.
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