Why so Sirius and What's Up With The Moon?
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While doing an image search I discovered "Horselover Phat's Subliminal Synchro Sphere", landing on a giant page wherein the writer presents ... um, something about Osirus and "... Incorporating Sirius,the Moon, The Truman Show, 9/11, Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman, Keanu Reeves, Danny Boyle, The Matrix, Harrsion Ford, Ghostbusters, Kevin Spacey, Sigourney Weaver, David Bowie, Bruce Willis, Tom Hanks, Jeff Bridges, Mike Nichols, Chris Carter X-Files etc etc ..." His very first post from 2009, "...Incorporating Kubrick, Nichols, Carter, Henson, OZ, Baum, Jason, Speilberg, Landis, King Kong ,The Muppets & Revelations " into 9-11 and beyond was also noteworthy. Quite an archive of work to plow through.
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It can be fun to see someone with a decently eclectic knowledge of culture, both pop and esoteric, free-associate and find interesting connections--this constitutes a great deal of Alan Moore's career, for example--but this goes way beyond that. This is that neighbor of yours whom you hardly ever see, who has some mysterious means of support (you suspect it's probably disability-related, in some way) and does nothing but watch old movies and surf the internet all day, calling you over because he's just discovered the most amazing thing and after a solid 20-minute rant in which he barely pauses to breathe, you pretend that you can hear your smoke alarm going off and he's still spouting factoids at you while you're hustling out the door, and all you're really sure of is that there's a good chance that his real "discovery" involves methamphetamines.
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Wait ... Jim Belushi made three K-9 movies? Did anyone else know this?
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How did he not know to mention that those 7 stars in Tarot and Alchemical art refer to the Pleiades or "Seven Sisters" star system?
Take the Pleiades idea and draw your own synchromysticism connections from there for another tangent. (I don't know where that leads... just saying.)
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Fwiw, Horselover Phat was Philip k Dick's barely fictionalized version of himself in the book Valis, about dealing with a schizoid breakdown and all of the attendant paranoia, conspiracy theories, and so on.
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Philosophy of Multicontextuality
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It can be fun to see someone with a decently eclectic knowledge of culture...

You live in my neighborhood?

How did he not know to mention that those 7 stars...

See also: Subaru
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How did he not know to mention that those 7 stars...

See also: Subaru

Yeah I noticed that too. Apparently Subaru is the Japanese word for Pleiades. But we'd have to ask the Elder Occult Brotherhood of Nippon for the reason why they chose to call it that.
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Horselover Fat was Philip K Dick's alter ego in Valis. The reference is clear though :)
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(wink, wink)
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Subaru, Nibiru
Strange hats
Suggest even stranger heads.
Sentient cats
Multititted goddesses
Of the wadis.
Hey! A little more queer
Than ancient barley beer,
Can front for.
Hair curling synchronicities
Stars waver behind an ancient breeze
Homelands abandoned.
Intergalactic tourism bearing down on us
No one will notice whom the robots serve
Inside the gated places.
This real estate is on the block,
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And the point is...
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Uh, obvious? Meow
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To know, to will, to dare, to keep silent.

This web page is a perfect example of the importance of keeping silent.
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Why so Sirius?
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This is going to take a while to read . . . though not as long as Time Cube.
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MetaFilter: Multititted goddesses
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Yeeeeeeears ago I worked for a really small TV production company, that produced one single fishing show on ESPN. And I do mean small - the production office was staffed with only five people (and I was one of them), and then there was the writer, the cameraman, the sound guy, and the host all down in Florida, and that was it.

Sorting the mail was one of my duties, so I was the one to first see the letter we got one day, from a woman somewhere in flyover country; the envelope was handwritten, but the letter was typed - or it was a xerox of something typed, since she had clearly copied it and sent it out to as many other multiple addresses as she could. And in the letter, she was begging for help putting her in touch with the person in charge of a conspiracy; one she had discovered, she explained, through noticing messages in movies by several people - and she ran off a long list of random pop-culture personalities, like Steven Spielberg, Henry Winkler, "Patrick Swayze and wife" (sic), etc. These people had been sending her coded messages through their movies, our letter-writer claimed, and sometimes further coded messages could be found on the sides of delivery trucks. She kept saying through the letter that this was disturbing her "in my dwelling place" and she just wanted to find out who was behind it so she could ask him to cut it out.

We didn't respond, of course, but we all perked up at the thought that receiving a letter like that was a sign that we had somehow "made it" on some scale.
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i did not misspell Osiris as Osirius as part of a conspiracy .... or did I?
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The John Lithgow this is so forced. We always knew he was an alien. He was on a TV show as an alien. Duh.
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The John Lithgow this is so forced. We always knew he was an alien.

AKA John Whorfin
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