a cure for nervous disorders, dyspepsia, and impotence
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You know, I was just thinking this morning that while I drink too much coffee, at least it's not cocaine.
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Few would claim these days that these sodas cure indigestion or nervousness

I dunno, an ice-cold can of Coke is a great first step toward treating a hangover.

And Moxie is one thing I really miss about New England. Every time I visit I mean to bring a couple of cases home, but I always forget.
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I don't drink a lot of soda, but barbecue without Big Red is like Rodgers without Hammerstein
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Few would claim these days that these sodas cure indigestion or nervousness

:::pops open a ginger ale::::
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"Soda-water is an American drink," Mary Gay Humphreys declared in Harper's Weekly in 1892. "It is as essentially American as porter, Rhine wine, and claret are distinctively English, German, and French.... The millionaire may drink champagne while the poor man drinks beer, but they both drink soda-water."
I'm no longer sure this is true. Someone with a penchant for hot takes should poop out something about how the demise of Coke as a drink for everyone led to the current revolt against neoliberalism in the West.
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Thanks for this article!
I had an easier time giving up smoking than I am giving up my beloved soft drinks.

I was a Pepsi guy all the way, but after I visited killercoke.org, I assumed that Pepsi was likely guilty of similar practices, and vowed off any "big-name" brands.

I tried Boylan's, Blue-Sky, and Bec (a Quebec-based brand which uses maple syrup as its sweetener), as well as Colombiana, Inca, and the Italian Baladin, but I have to admit that none of them taste as good as Pepsi/Coke - they all have this bitter, metallic aftertaste.

I do like the glass bottles because they hold the fizz longer, so I don't feel compelled to drain the entire can in one shot.

So now I've switched to root beer, and I'm relatively happy with that.

It's interesting that the original "inventors" of Coke and Pepsi didn't get to witness how popular and ubiquitous their beverages would become and actually ended their lives relatively unsuccessfully!
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Has anyone tasted Ale-8-One? I was intrigued by the name and see you can order it online, but don't want to take the plunge without some sense of what it tastes like. If you like ginger ale, what's the chances you'll like this?
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Has anyone tasted Ale-8-One?
I'm not a regular coke drinker, but I think Ale-8-One is tasty and have one occasionally. Reminds me of ginger ale. It's bottled in Kentucky.

Also, in the South, all sodas are traditionally referred to as "coke" regardless of the brand or flavor.
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Because all the sweet tea they had laying around formed an easy base for coke syrup?
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The best thing I ever did for my health was quitting all sodas cold turkey. I wish it hadn't taken a kidney stone attack—the most painful thing I've every experienced—to make it happen, but whatever it takes, I guess.

More than 10 years after I quit my 3-Coke-a-day (on a light day) habit, I was at a drive in movie theater in the heat of summer for an all-night Stanley Kubrick marathon. My energy was flagging, so I went for a coffee at the snack bar, only to find that the coffee machine was broken. So I got the smallest Coke I could buy, with extra ice. I didn't want to drink it, but I figured, hey, one won't hurt, and it's cold. Ten minutes later, I passed out face down on the asphalt, scaring my friends to death. I still don't know why the Coke made me pass out, but I've seen the writing on the wall. That shit's nasty.
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How the South Cornered the Soda Market

There's yer problem right there. Pfft. "Soda".

saved to read, thanks!
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Pop is wrong. Soda is right.
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Take the middle ground, soft drink.
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