A colorist is really just there to make sure the reader follows
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Jordie is the greatest, and I think this article illustrates that. Talented and fierce, that's what comes to mind when I think of her.

She mentioned in the interview her illustration work and how she doesn't draw anymore. If you want to see her stuff from back then there's a lot on her old Flickr account (including a portrait I commissioned from her).
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Bellaire is one of the best colorists working in comics today. I'm always stoked to see her name on a book, because I know that, independent of the artist or inker, it's going to look fantastic.
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About a month ago I started fiddling with the idea of a project focusing on the history, technique, etc., of comic colouring, and since then I can't swing a dead cat without hitting something similar or someone doing same. Damn you confirmation bias!
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Aww, you trace.
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Yup. There are comics I stopped reading online because they got too complex for me in black and white.
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As a color blind guy who hasn't read comics in 25 years I found this fascinating.
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