April 4, 2002
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E Street Band guitarist and erstwhile Sopranos star Little Steven is launching a syndicated radio show to be centered around garage rock of the '60's plus latter day punk as well according to this story. Steve's own site includes some great live reviews and excellent garage rock links . I, for one, am really looking forward to hearing this show. Good luck, Steve.
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He's adamant, however, that one artist won't get much play on his show: Little Steven Van Zandt. "I don't quite fit into my own format," he says, laughing. "I won't even play my own records."
Thank goodness!
posted by Faze at 9:33 AM on April 4, 2002

Faze- I kinda like Steve, and even you gotta admit the man's music with the Boss shows him to be hugely influenced by the garage sound, so this should be good.
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Sorry, jonmc. Van Zandt plus Springsteen equals magic. Van Zandt minus Springsteen equals a white guy with a weak voice, uninspired originals, and an embarassing do-rag. HOWEVER, this new site, his new radio program, and his link to this web locale devoted to the end-all be-all of supremely cool songs, "I Can Only Give You Everything" immediately catapult him to into the ranks of all-time great Americans, and I will never again utter a bad word against him.
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Jon: You're kinda like my personal minister of music culture, and for that I thank you. BTW, have you been able to find a list which cities will be hosting his show to begin with? I'm not sure if my city would be included (Cleveland - we ain't what we used to be radio music-wise), but a girl can dream, right?
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"Every time I think I'm out...they pull me back in..."
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Good find, great website...the man has something to say.
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Jon: You're kinda like my personal minister of music culture, and for that I thank you.

{soviet accent}

As minister of music culture, I shall stamp out all opposition...


Xena, thank you for the compliment, although compared to the grand trio of Mr BaliHai, rodii, and Y2Karl, I am an absolute amateur. And I enjoy your posts immensley as well.
As far as the list of stations go, I'd like to get my handson that myself, as CT radio probably wont broadcast it either, with my luck. Maybe if a bunch of us email the site, Steve will put up some streams. Failing that, this makes for an excellent introduction to the genre.
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Absorbing the contents of Rhino's Nuggets and Nuggets II boxed sets is already my full-time job.
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Anyone who wants to play Dead Boys songs on the radio is OK by me.
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I had no idea that Van Zandt was into this stuff. As a teenager in late 70s/early 80s Monmouth County, NJ (I went to the same high school as Little Steven), the kind of music he's talking about playing was my refuge from the oppressive omnipresence of his Bossness' music in this area. I don't doubt his sincerity, but it'll be interesting to see 1) if he really plays The Ramones every week and 2) if he does, how long the show lasts on commercial rock radio.

Geez, now I want to go downstairs and put on the Nuggets box set....
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