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In this time of tragedy, #carefreeblackkids2k16 offers some comfort.

Started by Heben Nigatu of Another Round and The Colbert Late Show.
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I watched a bunch of these last night. Such a pleasure! Such a relief!
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Roomthreeseventeen, I think his face is as adorable as hers. Pretty adorable.
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1-year-old Miss Bed-Stuy made me inexplicably happy.
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To be young, gifted and black.

In my decades of teaching high school, I have known many of these teenagers. Some have grown up to surpass my dreams of what they could have been. Some left empty desks on Monday mornings, having been killed (by guns, of course) over the weekend.

I don't know what else to say. Except that America would not be what it is today were it not for all its immigrants--including involuntary African immigrants--and those Native peoples on whose lands we (white and other) immigrants live.

That should be the baseline consciousness for us (especially European) immigrants. It is not; and that is a problem. Ignoring facts is problem I've noticed a lot recently. Facts are stubborn things.
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These are all amazing.
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This karate one is great - I love the way she stares at her hand after breaking the board and the deliberation in her victory jump.
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I want to meet this kid.
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I knew which one it would be before clicking! She is fantastic.
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#BlackManJoy. Kicked off by Feminista Jones.
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Speaking of Heben Nigatu & Another Round, I've been listening to back episodes of Another Round lately (which by the way soooo good, so smart & so fun!). They had Marley Dias on awhile ago. She is an incredibly charming and awesome 11 year old who started a "1000 Black Girl Books" project. And oh my god you guys this episode is giving me life. I can't stop smiling while listening to it. Highly recommended, listen to it today!
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Everything about this hashtag is 👌
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Thank you for sharing this. There are so many darling kids on that feed. It does my heart good to see them.
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I find the latest New Yorker cover works this way too. The artist, Kadir Nelson, talks about it and recent events here.
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Kadir Nelson's website, for more of his works.
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This young woman is like Serena Williams.

Serena Willlllllllllaaaaaammms!

The best.
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