Secret Friends
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Spanish photographer AnaHell specialises in... unusual portraits. Her latest series, Secret Friends, depicts "strange and wonderful creatures from another world, the kind that children create when they’re alone."

More Secret Friends can be found on the AnaHell website here, along with other (some ever so slightly NSFW) photo-series.
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I just showed this to a granddaughter who has squeeed to the nth degree.

Interview, with more delightful photos.
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Omg the one in bed sleeping with a doll has a dildo next to it
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On second viewing I finally figured it out. They are bending over, head down between knees and covered by the shirt. The face is the small of the back.

Is it just me or does that take a while to process?
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It's not you. It took me about halfway through to figure it out. For the first few I thought it was some kind of paper mache construction.
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Love it. Whimsical, yet slightly creepy. Delightful.
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Anahell's own site has a ton of these lovable spuds with human limbs. Mouseover 'secret friends' in the sidebar and select one of the titles that appears beneath it.
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