The Pocket Watch Database
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Dive down the rabbit hole of vintage (American) pocket watches with the Pocket Watch Database.
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Oh, that's DANGEROUS!
posted by xingcat at 7:55 AM on July 11, 2016

Reminds me about this article on Gandhi's pocket watch. In 2009 one of his watches and some other possessions were sold for $1.8 million dollars at auction.
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There are some really beautiful examples. I could lost on that site for hours.
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Thanks for this, we have a few kicking around that belonged to my grandfather (career Rock Island Line) and wondered if they were worth anything.
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These are fantastic. Pocket watches are something I know very little about but I really admire them. I've never had a pocket watch and I'd like to get one but I feel like if I got one I'd soon have 30 and I can't afford that kind of habit.
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I went down this rabbit hole last year with an inherited late-19th c pocketwatch. The machinery itself is just amazing, so small and precise it's almost hard to believe it's hand work and that these were everywhere for such a long time. Also it's one of those fun domains where - the pocketwatch collectors are organized and it's a great world to delve into.
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