High Times and Low Tide at Reefer Beach
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“High Times and Low Tide at Reefer Beach”
Forty years ago, six young, Florida beach boys and a shrimper named Bubba smuggled more Jamaican weed into America than the nation had ever seen. Until one night in 1973, when too much weed on too small a boat with too little tide beneath it resulted in a bust that sent them to federal prison. Today, writer, Jodi Cash, takes us down to St. Pete Beach to meet some old weed pirates - and the man who eventually made their way of life a thing of the past. (Photography by Ethan Payne)
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Hmmm. So Charlie Fuss was the one who caused the price of grass to skyrocket. OK. Got it.
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Ah, the $35 ounces of yore
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A shrimper named Bubba, you say?

"You can roll it, eat it, smoke it, vape it, cook it. Dey's uh, pot brownies, pot butter, pot caramels..."
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Is this where I get to gush a little bit of my love for the Bitter Southerner? Yeah, feels like it might be. These guys are doing good work and if I was helming a desk at the Oxford American, or some buff book named after a state I'd be worried... or trolling for writers to pick off who still think seeing their name in physical print is fun and cool.

However, if you're at Southern Living or Garden & Gun you can go back to worrying about proper place settings, or some bespoke sun dress maker who lives on a tidal marsh and uses organic yarn and learned Gullah from her neighbor or whatever, bless your hearts...
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