Bulldogs on skateboards
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Harley the bulldog almost wipes out but saves it as usual. (Bonus: Harley's highlights)

Of course, she's not the first or only skateboarding bulldog, though she may be the most daring! There's the infamous Tillman. And Eric. And Otto.

Counterpoint: A bulldog and a box. (previously)

And, in fairness, cats shred, too! (previously)
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A true Lord of Dogtown.
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Diesel is me. I am Diesel. We are as one.
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Diesel looks like my Roomba.
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Oh man Harley is top pupper. I needed to see this.
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Harley Rules! (And probably drools.)
Harley banks and barks and brakes!
I am in awe of Harley.
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Why isn't this an AMC series yet
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A few years back, for about a solid week, I would see this bulldog skateboarding around my tiny mountain town, but I didn't think much of it because I assumed everyone was teaching their dog how to skateboard. Not long after he left I found out there's pretty much just one or two dogs that skateboard and he was the famous one. Boy did I ever take that dog for granted.
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I'm lucky if I can get my bulldogs to walk down the hallway without a bribe. Harley rocks.
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If, like me, you're wondering what's specially modified about Eric's skateboard, this article says that it doesn't have any grip tape, to avoid hurting his paws.
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Boston Terriers lack the low center of gravity, but they can shred too.
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