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Channel 4's trailer for the 2016 Rio Paralympics (YouTube) just may be the best thing you see today. Via DangerIsMyMiddleName's twitter.
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Alert viewers will note the lyric "I can climb Everest", a reference to Jeff Glasbrenner, two-time Paralympic gold medalist who this year became the first amputee to summit Everest and descend under his own power.
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OMG OMG OMG this is so badass and I'm so happy to share on FB.
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Is that wheelchair jump at the end a real competitive event? Cause, damn....
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I think the best thing about it is with different athletes and musicians it would have made a great trailer for the Olympics as well.
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I wish whoever did this had handled the referendum stuff. This is brilliant.
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The ASL interpreter is part of the action- his outfits!!!
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I don't understand either, but it's probably British Sign Language, not ASL.
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Holy crap that was well done. So rare you get an ad you want to rewatch, let alone rewatch right away.
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Wow, this is great. Thank you for posting it.
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Version without the interpreter.
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may be the best thing you see today

*validates MCTs parking*
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That's fun. The one good thing the Olympics provide without fail is the Paralympics. Totally worth the billions.
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Channel 4 was the broadcaster of the 2012 Paralympics as well: their trailer from that year is unfettered badass.

London 2012 was amazing for many reasons, but the Paralympics were probably the best part of the summer. I was in the stadium for the main night of the athletics, and it was an almost transcendental experience. Johnny Peacock in the 100m practically ruptured London with the cheering
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FSM, I needed an upbeat, bad-ass way to end this week. That was awesome.
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I don't understand either, but it's probably British Sign Language, not ASL.

Yep! This was produced by Channel 4, which will be providing the UK coverage of the Paralympics.

The Canadian Paralympic Committee's Paratough campaign is pretty good as well.

Speaking of coverage, the CBC has been running a Paralympics A-Z explainer (available here, don't know if it's region-restricted for folks outside Canada) series that's pretty good.

For USians:

Increased coverage: U.S. media rights holders NBCUniversal and the USOC will build on its unprecedented coverage of the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games, March 7-16, with more coverage of the Games than ever before in 2016. The networks will air 66 hours of coverage of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, an increase of 60.5 hours from the coverage of the London 2012 Paralympic Games, while TeamUSA.org and USParalympics.org will provide comprehensive online coverage..

You read that right. The US networks aired exactly 5.5 hours of coverage of London 2012. For Athens 2004 that number was exactly zero hours.

So, progress.
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Channel 4 also created an audio described version of the ad.
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Thank you for this. I also loved the Superhuman Stories. "This is not about disability, this is about crazy talent and ability that we've all been blessed with." - Alvin Law, Drummer
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Wonderful and I wish they showed a bunch of the Paralympics on TV to raise awareness of what people can do. Because . . . my former boss was a Paralympian in the 1960's. He uses a wheelchair and his wife does too. He posted this on FB yesterday about a shopping trip:

"Then, not five minutes later, we're asked if we are together. The wife said, yeah we're married. Then the woman says, must have been a rough marriage. I guess she thought we had beaten each other into wheelchairs, I dunno."

Together they had and raised four kids. He traveled the world as a Paralympian. He is a former teacher, ran a taxi company and was a state-level director and is an all-around great guy.

But all some people see is the wheelchair.
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OMG, the signer. I hope they have him to sign-interpret EVERYTHING.
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Heh. I've seen Alvin Law at least three times in various school assemblies, but I thought, "That's not him; this is a British thing."

20 minutes later, my brother commented on my Facebook post: "That's Alvin Law!"

What can I say? Guy's pretty memorable.
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That was awesome!

I think my favorite sport featured might be the blind soccer, which I had no idea existed until right now but want to attend a match immediately.

I'm so much more interested in watching the Paralympics this year than the Olympics - of course who the heck knows if it'll be aired anywhere other than tiny clips on youtube days after occurring. Is there maybe like an app or something?
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As it happens YouTube has often one of the better places to find video that isn't overly edited - a boon if you're looking for coverage that's more useful than entertaining. Plus decent bits from other countries.

The ParalympicSport.TV channel really is worth checking out. Plus, well, the youtube-dl script may make taking said clips to show at workout somewhat easier....
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DangerIsMyMiddleName: "Johnny Peacock in the 100m practically ruptured London with the cheering "

The best part of that video comes after the race. Each of his competitors embraced him with a huge hug -- I don't think I've ever seen a group of people in an athletic competition so happy to see another guy win.
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That video is my happy place today, and a further example for my contention that, despite the desperation we all seem to have to be angry and frightened about the world today, we live in an amazing time in which things are getting steadily better.

In my youth, it was "Don't stare, honey," and the admonition not to look, or to engage, except with condescension or pity, because we're all suppose to feel sorry for those with a lot in life supposedly lesser than ours…but now, we look, we listen, and we question, and that mass change applies to all sorts of things that we once just collectively swept under the rug instead of taking on one more aspect of how we live as a whole.
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This also serves as a particularly gorgeous "fuck you" to anyone who still uses the idiot phrase "confined to a wheelchair." Confined, indeed.
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