"The International Space Police Force ... is a shambles"
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Star Cops [YT playlist]: A "blast from the past" that is "paranoid in the way only Cold War eighties drama can be." The ISPF's commander "finds himself stonewalled ... while investigating old crimes with new sci-fi spins ... Throughout the series he picks up a motley collection of 'waifs and strays' ... Some of the plots seem eerily prescient today ... The show is both optimistic that we'll get 'out there' tinged with a realisation that we'll take the worst aspects of humanity on the journey. It's flawed brilliance."

See also The Cult of ... Star Cops, the BBC's cult classic entry, TVTropes, and detailed episode guides at The Anorak Zone.
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This was a lovely little series and I was very disappointed that it didn't get another season.
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This looks.... AWESOME.
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It really is an astonishingly bad theme tune though.

I'm a l-o-n-g time fan of Justin Hayward and The Moody Blues and even I admit (1) it was not his best work and (2) it was tragically mismatched to the program it was supposed to be the theme of.
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I LOVED this show when I watched it at 13 years old in Scotland. It seemed so adult and sophisticated while still having spaceships and, ultimately, a positive view of the future.

Also, what, you don't like the song? I'm genuinely surprised. Though you are spot on, it doesn't fit the show - I'd never noticed until now!
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This was true science fiction on tv, years ahead of its time (no time paradox intended). The Expanse is the closest thing to the feel of the political maneuvering. In many ways it is dated (f/x, sexism, racism, acting) but they were at least trying to tell really human stories.
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I would've expected a blend of police drama and science fiction to be much more trope-ridden and caricature filled, but this was surprisingly good. I'd like to see a remake.
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I've never heard of this program before, and I'm looking forward to watching some of it. It looks like it's right up my alley.

Was that the "Moody Blues" singing?
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