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In Search of the Truth (The Truth Booth) is an installation comprised of a touring, portable, inflatable ‘Truth Booth’ that embarked on a world tour at the Galway Arts Festival, Ireland in 2011. Stemming from an earlier Cause Collective project, The Truth is I am You, The Truth Booth is currently on a 50 state tour in the US.
The exterior is iconically shaped like a giant cartoon speech bubble with the word 'TRUTH' boldly printed on the side. The interior acts much like a photo booth, but serves to compile 2 minute long video responses from the public. Once seated inside they will then be invited to record their opinions and thoughts as they finish the statement: "The truth is...". Throughout this long-term project the video footage will be compiled and edited into a video artwork.
The Truth Booth has also travelled to Afghanistan. (Vimeo link)
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The Afghanistan video was very nice--thanks for posting it. It led me to watch ~20 minutes from the Galway Arts Festival, which gets difficult because it's longer and less polished and also because it catches someone at a very tough point in her life. You get to see the prompt eliciting silly responses too, but overall I guess that contributes something--a wide range of feelings to share, etc.
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Thanks for the additional link, Wobbuffet! I should have a chance to watch it later today.

This NYT article on art installations around the Republican National Convention in Cleveland is what got me interested in the project - there are some other interesting pieces mentioned in the article as well.
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This has far less to do with MTV's Are You The One, than I was hoping..
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