Ra-Ra-Robotnik! Lover of the Russian Queen!
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A man achieves his dream of becoming Dr. Robotnik, the God of Dance. This is actually a hijacked video, the original had the sin of an inadequate soundtrack.
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This is good. We need more of whatever this is.
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this is basically how I picture Bill the Cat dancing. never realized until now that I had a mental image of Bill the Cat dancing...
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Nathan Barnatt is a national treasure.
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Who? What?
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I did not think it was possible to make that song better. I was wrong.
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That looked like fun. I hope he had good dim sum and shabu shabu (best shabu shabu in town in Little Tokyo!).
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Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey.

This is brilliant.

So, my parents had Nightflight to Venus on LP and to this day I love that album with all my heart.

Who? What?

Context here. At least on the music side.

The thing I like about this video is that it's clear he's having fun with this, and inviting people into it a bit, and not just fucking with them. It seems to be for a good-natured laugh.
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I agree, the world needs more of this type of video.
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If you're in Southern California in mid-August you can hear Boney M live at the Starlight Bowl in Burbank.
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