The most terribly responsible job any man ever had.
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The selection of the Vice Presidential nominee took on new importance under the presidency of FDR, whose death in office ushered in a new era of VP involvement. Seventy years later, wth Hillary Clinton rumored to announce her running mate soon (and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren denying it’s her), all eyes are on Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, HUD Secretary Julian Castro, and notably well-read dark horse candidate retired Admiral James Stavridis. Or what are the odds it will be someone else entirely?
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Oof, timing. I appreciate you put some work into assembling this, ehmt, but we've had pretty breakneck US election posting the last several days, and if there's a Clinton VP announcement today I'm okay with a post at that point and focused on that, but I'd really rather we not kick a speculative discussion off early just for the sake of getting going sooner. -- cortex

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So, the Dem Veepstakes Shell Game, because you can't play if you don't know where the pieces are:

Kaine: Boston, MA
Vilsack: Columbus, MO
Warren: Orlando, FL
Perez: Washington, DC
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