Because who wouldn't want to be a dog‽
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Sheep seem to be particularly prone to inter-species confusion, as shown in this compilation. Some like to chase balls, while others enjoy romping with their ostensible keepers. Lamo, however, is a bit of a dick.

The occasional cat will also demonstrate the phenomenon, but it's not restricted to mammals.

Bonus: a chihuahua puppy trying to be a goat.

(In case you need an excuse to watch animal videos: it makes you more productive.)
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Sheep really like to be in on things. Their default mode is to be afraid of everything, but if you teach them early in life that some dogs are safe, then they'll want to be part of the pack. It might be more remarkable that the dogs are letting the sheep play with them - maybe they're only doing it because they know the humans don't want them to chase this particular sheep.

I really liked the video at the end of the "compilation" link, where the sheep runs inside with the dog, then looks up at the human and seems to realize "I have no idea where I am!" then runs back out.
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Lamo's cool but OMG what kind of dog is that sitting on his back?!
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That dog on Lamo's back reminds me of one of those parasite birds on rhino. Lamo is like "whatever."
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Growing up, one of my frient's cats (part siamese) would fetch, only cat-style - climbing walls, making death-defying mid-air grabs, etc.

We've seen a few cats who will come along for walks when the owner goes for one with the dog.

Wasn't there a video a while back where a goat ended up being besties with a tiger, instead of becoming lunch?
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Sheep also like to nest.
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Wait is anyone here a sheep expert because I spent the better part of a week hiking on a tiny island with I'm guessing 53854959459 sheep, which was amazing, but every now and then I'd get stuck on a fence or in heather or whatever and out of the misty nowhere would come a BOOMING sheep voice against the traditional underpinnings of "baaahs" and what not.

It was like a demon cloaked in sweaters, a preacher fighting a fuzzy hellmouth, or the pontifications of the ur-sheep. It was incredibly terrifying.

so are some sheep just...possessed by demons?...blessed with a rich baritone that could fill a sheep cathedral?
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I'm pleased to see I wasn't the only one who noticed that (jack russell?) terrier riding Lamo. I'm pretty sure that's the buried lede here. He has quite an air about him, as if he simply does not deign to walk like those commoner dogs, which I find most hilarious.

I am sad to report there is a dire lack of videos of 'dog riding sheep'. There are, however, many videos of monkeys riding sheepdogs, which doesn't scratch the same itch for me.
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On further research I think that might be a rat terrier. Definitely not jack russell. Anyway, who cares, that dog is bitchin'.
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From experience, you can't teach a cat to play fetch, either the cat will teach itself or it won't. (And only the cleverest cats teach themselves…)
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More about Lamo.

The queenly little Jack Russell who rides him is named Judy.
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Proving once again that:

a. ruminant brains . . . are not like other brains
b. animals play, if socialized to do so
c. small dogs are the dogs most likely to end up in charge
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