spoiler: even they can't figure out the damn monkey puzzle
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Nickelodeon is turning its 90s kids' game show Legends of the Hidden Temple into a movie.
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"This summer, dare more. Dare... Double."

fuck you nostalgia industry how are you wasting our time on this shit instead of giving us the max headroom reboot we so desperately need
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I have no idea who this movie is for but I'm somehow delighted it exists.
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Now remake "Mysterious Cities of Gold"
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plz retcon the Shrine of the Silver Monkey to the Shrine of the Brass Monkey so they can play the Beastie Boys song as god intended
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giving us the max headroom reboot we so desperately need

Given how society has evolved since Max Headroom was a series (not the talk show, the weekly fiction story series), the idea of a Max Headroom reboot to comment on the current day seems both timely and really really difficult to envision properly. The amount of social satire and commentary that was in the original series was pretty deep and intense, but it was envisioning something that is so much like what today is in so many ways that... I mean... How do you even take it to a satirical extreme and then beyond to create good social commentary on today?

There are possibilities there, but it would require a pretty visionary development team and very insightful writers room to get the balance of honoring the old show while moving it 20 minutes into the future from now to make it work just right.

But, that said... it might just be exactly what we need right now. (Not that anyone except for about 20 people watched Max Headroom to begin with...)
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I'm currently blipverting my Max Headroom reboot concept on all the appropriate networks.
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Now remake "Mysterious Cities of Gold"

Thanks to this show, for the longest time as a kid, I was certain there was a state out west named 'El Dorado.'
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Marc Summers is still mighty sharp, huh? He remembered all the old bits and rolled with the nw punches like a total pro! But I confess, Marc Summers making adult jokes makes me a little uncomfortable.
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Re: the OP, I would have enjoyed this more as a cutesy joke trailer. Is Nick doing that thing where they go after 35 year old parents as the demographic instead of kids? This just looks painfully tedious for parents who will have gotten the joke after 10 minutes AND kids who won't get the jokes.
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Fact check - He hosted a drunk double dare in 2008

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