Fabio Put The Band Back Together
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Two years ago, an Italian Foo Fighters fan came up with a crazy idea to convince the Foo Fighters to play in his home town of Cesena, Italy - assembling 1000 musicians and make a video of them all playing "Learn to Fly.". One year ago, they released their video, and the Foos agreed to add their city to the tour. But the band from Cesena had so much fun that they're all getting back together today to do a concert themselves.

Rockin' 1000 organizer Fabio Zaffagnini was already thinking of doing more with the thousand-strong band last year. The concert this time branches out from the Foo Fighters, billing itself as a concert of "the songs that made the history of rock". They've added another 200 musicians - including keyboardists and a string section - but lots of last years' members are returning, including Gabriele "Mohawk guy" Andreucci, who got a special shout-out during the Foo Fighters' Cesena set.

Fabio and Co. organized another online-only Foo Fighters tribute in January, though - a global effort, covering a more recent Foo Fighters song "Saint Cecelia."

At this posting, the concert is still another 7 hours away - but the Youtube videos should be hitting soon after.

Cesena's original video post previously, concert post previously.
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God, there was just so much joy in that first video. I'm really looking forward to seeing this new one.
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I see I'm being prepped to cry tears of pure joy again. Excellent timing. With all due shout-outs to the amazing musicians (hey little dude rocking out on the drums), Fabio Zaffagnini kicks ass.
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"They've added another 200 musicians."

This makes me very happy. It's a sentence I hope to see repeated in all future Rockin' 1000 posts too.
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I don't care for the Foo Fighters' music, but they seem like a stand-up bunch of guys who are having a blast doing what they love.
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The incredible thing for me about the original video is the sheer work it must have taken to pull off. Ops, planning, logistics, finance, safety/security, volunteer management... that video is a compelling 7-minute resume for that guy for any leadership role. I'd hire him right now (but probably couldn't pay him enough)
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I love it, but is it wrong that I'm disappointed it wasn't "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" Fabio?
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Hello! The roster is not totally filled out yet, apparently!

"We completed the sections of singers, guitarists, bassists, drummers and keyboard players. There is still some room for violinists and pipers"


Sign up here.
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I_Love_bananas, the show is today, so it may be too late to sign up....
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Viva Italia! Italian madness at its best!
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Videos starting to show up on the Facebook page. So far I've seen videos for Led Zepplin, Hendrix, Neil Young, "Bittersweet Symphony", "Rebel Rebel", "Seven Nation Army", "Smells Like Teen Spirit", and "Learn to Fly" again.

In an earlier thread someone imagined that if this band gave a concert "it would be like The Polyphonic Spree times a million". Yes.
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How many A380s do you need to take this band on tour? Looks like you need at least 2.
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Pipers? They must be doin' Stairway.
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Things are starting to hit YouTube!

have a look at "Seven Nation Army".

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And Fabio's speech..."stick together, no more conflict, and more rock n' roll!"
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Another view of the intro leading into "Bittersweet Symphony", from the audience this time; I think the woman behind the camera is one of the organizers.
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