Consider not ALL heroes have DD’s
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I am remiss for not including: as seen in the ongoing Twitter thread from De Liz herself. The Paste summary was easier to read, but on second thought credit should have been given directly to her Twitter posts, too.
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Needs more mention of Escher Girls and the Hawkeye Initiative.
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The related image from Emilio Lopez is a useful illustration on how ridiculous some of these tropes are.
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I really like this -- it's easy for me to identify hyper-sexualized images of women but harder to imagine de-objectification of the same image. Super cool.
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I'm a giant fan of what De Liz did with the graphic novel-ization of The Last Unicorn. I found it both a simultaneous homage to the art of the animated feature from the early 80s and a more beautiful, fantastic, and expressive re-imagining.

Also like what she does here; it's a great take that's a worthy one for Power Girl. Only thing I'm a little surprised at is that she did not take-on the weird cleavage window.

Finally, her point "if you choose to draw women sexy, that's fine! Discussing alternatives and recognizing patterns should not threaten you" is pitch perfect.
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I love that she kept the costume intact. It highlights what pose/drafting changes can do.
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pouty tease superman needs to be a thing
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And of course the classic Women Try To Pose Like Female Comic Book Heroes.

(by which I mean actual human women)
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Perpetrial to Brian in Robert Rodi's What They Did to Princess Paragon: Princess is from enlightened planet; would either cover breasts entirely for protection or reveal them totally for comfort.
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(IE would you perk out Batman’s butt & twist him to see BOTH his pecs?)

Not on a first date, no.

This of course, is the problem.

(well, the other problem is... who would go on a date with Batman? The guy is a mess, and, besides, everyone who dates him gets murdered. No thank you.)
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Well, presumably the people going on dates with him don't know about everyone dying.
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The guy is a mess, and, besides, everyone who dates him gets murdered. No thank you.

They don't find out he's a mess until a couple of dates in. And he may be a mess, but he has enough social graces not to talk about his former lovers on a date.
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Don Harmon has a new show called HarmonQuest. The conceit is that there's a regular group of D&D players, he gets a new celebrity guest every week and then they animate their D&D session. It turns out being more or less an improv version of a fantasy cartoon show. Its on this crappy app and backed in someway by NBC. That's not relevant, but its funny enough for a bored Sunday.

His ex-wife is the regular female character and her outfit, unlike anyone else who appears on the show, is incredibly sexualized. I'm like okay, this is like an "Art & Gary" satire on female cartoon characters. I can't think of one joke on the show that poked fun of at her appearance, to the point where it became uncomfortable. Don Harmon I think is a savvy guy, and I'm sure his wife is too, not one mention the entire season that I'm watching a character from "Heavy Metal" the entire episode. At least South Park did an entire episode making fun of how female cartoon characters are portrayed.

I don't know, hope this wasn't a derail, just thought it was odd that a self-referential show, an internet show! pulled this off in this year and didn't even acknowledge what it was doing.

But yeah I'll defend a lot of things when it comes to artistic expression, and comics have always been highly sexualized on both ends of the gender spectrum, but the stripper female superhero always skeeved me out. But I guess I'm the only one who noticed it.
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And the first comment on the article is a man announcing that the character on the right "looks like a lesbian" and that he only wants to buy "the comic on the left."

Just so many layers of belligerent stupidity. It would take twenty minutes to explain all the levels on which he is wrong, by which point he'll have posted forty more similar comments. It feels like trying to hold a gym in Pokemon Go, where one dude can wipe out four people's hard work in a heartbeat.
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Daaamn- that Superman got a fine ass!
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I probably shouldn't post this here, as it's a bit of a sidetrack (if not a full derail) but after reading this today, I just felt I had to share it with an audience who could appreciate it, and I didn't think it warranted a FPP by itself. It sounds like a perfect counterpart in how to badly portray and sexual women.

"Then there’s the truly baffling two blank pages where Hot Dog claims he ate the art. So instead of seeing the next pages of the story, we get Betty and Veronica “gratuitously agreeing” (the book’s words) to read what the pages would have been while wearing bathing suits. “In case that was the kind of comic you were expecting,” the narrator adds with a wink. The narrator that is, remember, Jughead’s dog. Jughead’s dog thinks the Archie readers want to see teenage girls in bikinis, is what I’m saying."
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OK, I hate to do this to a great post, but /puts on WELL ACTUALLY hat

"DDs" here are being used as a shorthand for "humongous", but cup sizes are actually relative to band sizes, so someone with "DDs" might not have big breasts at all. Cup sizes just denote the difference in circumference between the fullest part of the bust and the underbust. "DD" is a 5" difference. So a 28DD is much smaller in volume than a 36DD (for reference to a more common band size - 28DD is equivalent in volume to 34B).
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The people who draw humongeous boobs also rarely know that band sizes above 32" exist.
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In re: that posing Superman: if you dig it, have I got an artist and series for you.

(Jojo's is so good you guys.)
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I'm a 32-year-old lifelong feminist but this blew my mind. Thank God for the internet, for Metafilter, for artists who can clearly demonstrate how sexism works and disseminate that in easy-to-absorb chunks so we can all get it. I feel like one of those fish in the metaphor about not knowing what "water" is. This + the new Ghostbusters have made this summer better.
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Scattercat: "It would take twenty minutes to explain all the levels on which he is wrong, "

Kind of spinning off the Neil Gaiman quote, the one thing he's right about is he would rather buy the comic on the left. But everything he says about why he would rather buy it is wrong. The real reason is he has terrible taste.
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I think it is useful that she didn't change Power Girl's costume (other than the heels) even though it has the ridiculous chest window. First, it's controlling for variables, so it shows how much just the changes she did make don't rely on changing the costume. Second, criticizing the ridiculous costumes would start cutting a little too close the the central appeal of the genre. (They're usually not as sexualized with the men, but often ridiculous for other reasons.)
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Don Harmon I think is a savvy guy, and I'm sure his wife is too, not one mention the entire season that I'm watching a character from "Heavy Metal" the entire episode.

The live action portion was done long before the animation, so the animation could riff on the dialog, but not the other way around.

I'm pretty sure when they did character design Dan just decided to reference the chainmail bikini trope, and likely Red Sonja in particular (he has an admitted preference for redheads, and Erin is one herself.)
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