"Dances With Wolves" was one of the least interesting things he ever did
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David Bald Eagle, Lakota Chief, Musician, Cowboy, and Actor, Dies At 97.

David William Bald Eagle, who died on Friday aged 97, was born in a tipi on 8th April 1919, in Cherry Creek, on the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation in South Dakota. His name in Lakota translates as Wounded in Winter Beautiful Bald Eagle. In his long, extraordinary life, he was a champion dancer — both ballroom and Lakota styles — a touring musician, a rodeo cowboy, a tribal chief, an actor, a stunt double, and a war hero. He danced with Marilyn Monroe. He drove race cars. He parachuted into enemy gunfire at Normandy. He played professional baseball. He was a leader not just of his tribe, but also of the United Native Nations. Bald Eagle advocated for indigenous people and their rights and worked continuously to preserve Lakota stories until the day he died.

"I know we can't go back there, back to where we were," he told the Rapid City Journal in 2003. "But we can tell the young ones how it was and they can remember, and they can bring it back. They can return."

To learn more about the late Chief's legacy, check out this multi-part interview produced by the WoLakota Project, an initiative dedicated to promoting the oral traditions, wisdom, culture and language of the Oceti Sakowin Oyate -- the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota people to whom Bald Eagle was deeply dedicated.
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Wow. What a life. I spent 6 months on the Cheyenne River Reservation during school and never heard of this man, for all I know I met him as I worked at the hospital there. What a huge, huge man. And a great post.

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Gone way, way too young (no sarcasm - 97 years is too short a time for such an amazing person).

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. wow what a life.
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Thank you for this wonderful post.

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I've wondered for a long time what it was like to report to boot camp of the army that screwed your grandparents.

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I can't wait to dig into this.

Meanwhile, related, Daniele Bolleli just finished an amazing, epic four-part podcast on the life of Crazy Horse over at History on Fire.
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Sounds as though he truly walked the Red Road. The last of the free Native Anericans are now passing from living memory & that makes me sad.
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Thanks for the post Hermione. I learned about an amazing human being.
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I am so incredibly moved. What a singular life and person.

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Can we please not do the "last of their kind" thing here?

I have a Native American friend who struggles what feels like daily with the erasure of her culture and some really boneheaded ideas about whether that culture exists anymore. There are plenty of Native Americans around with voices that are being ignored, and I think it'd be a much better tribute to this individual to seek them out rather than to pretend they don't exist anymore.

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Indian country country has overcome much in the past 50 years. And there are new drums, and new songs.
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What a guy!

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Asnikiye el wowahwa.
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Can we please not do the "last of their kind" thing here?

If that's what you thought I meant, I'm sorry, you misread me. What I meant was that he knew & remembered Native Americans who lived on the plains before being forced onto reservations, and it's that living memory I was lamenting. The cultures, oral & written traditions live on, sure. I celebrate that.
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