Sharing is part of mourning
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Something*Positive creator R. K. Milholland reflects on learning about the death of his readers.
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I fall away from S*P every now and then, because Jesus Christ can it get depressing (albeit humorously so), but Milholland has always seemed like a rare person who writes horrible people well without being horrible himself. Thanks for bringing this up.
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wow, that's a kick right in the chest. S*P and the community around it used to be, like, a huge part of my life when I was just starting college and then I ... completely forgot about it. Reading his writing about confusing mourning is dredging up some weird, weird feelings.
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I was lucky enough to get to visit his booth at a local convention and I asked for probably one of the least requested sketch items: A sketch of Davan. Let's just say he appreciated it and had in the word balloon "You came to a convention and asked for a sketch of me. That says a lot about your life"

So spot on with the snark.

Now if you don't mind, have to go deal with some allergies issues.
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I have always loved Mr Milholland and his comic for his wit and insight into the human condition. Thanks for this, divabat.
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That was...actually very nice. I haven't ever seen this strip before, but now that I've read a bunch of them, I really like it.

Thanks, divabat -- you rule!
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S*P is one of the very few online comics I've found that has remained consistently excellent, not just with good punchlines but also with character development and interesting themes.
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It's nice to see the "Relatively Old School" webcomickers doing good (and doing well) these days, especially S*P's Randy Milholland, who has always seemed dangerously close to burning out while wearing his emotions on his sleeve and in his characters' word balloons.

I'd also include R. Stevens' shading of 'Scottbert' Adams (which led to a Twitter war that embarrassed Asshole Adams and helped R. to gain followers and sell t-shirts - although I'm waiting for him to do a Scottbert shirt), and K.C. Green's memetastic "This Is Fine/This Is NOT Fine".
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Thank you for sharing this. I got teary at work. S*P was my favorite comic in college but I'd drifted away from reading it.
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