Remote controlled rock 'em sock 'em Transformers from Japan.
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Remote controlled rock 'em sock 'em Transformers from Japan. Check out the quicktime movies, and read the safety disclaimer:

Please be aware that DF01 will make sudden abrupt movements that may frighten children and pets. It also has capabilities to shoot ammunition such as rubber pellets and therefore should be aimed in a responsible manner. Finally, numerous parts of the DF01 can and will fly off during combat.

Do not taunt happy-fun ball. Link via core77.
posted by machaus (11 comments total)
So, what do they transform into?
posted by NortonDC at 3:56 PM on April 6, 2002

Um, why the hell are you calling them Transformers?

Oh and...

~ Battery pack - a 90-min. charge enables a 20- to 30-min. operation. Sensor is present too.

posted by Aikido at 4:00 PM on April 6, 2002

OK, OK, transformeresque robots. sheesh...
posted by machaus at 4:06 PM on April 6, 2002

I think the accepted term is mecha.
posted by NortonDC at 4:45 PM on April 6, 2002

The man gives you a link to neato rocket launching remote controlled robots, and you want to play semantic games? While they may not transform into anything (except chew-toys for your very freaked out dog) they are a step toward the implied promise that was made to every kid who ever owned Rock-em Sock-em robots. That promise, of course, was that one day soon, we would be able beat the crap out of each other using robotic proxies. I, for one, say keep the dream alive!
posted by Optamystic at 5:07 PM on April 6, 2002

Thou shalt not take Transformers in vain.
posted by NortonDC at 5:20 PM on April 6, 2002

1. One that transforms.
2. A device used to transfer electric energy from one circuit to another, especially a pair of multiply wound, inductively coupled wire coils that effect such a transfer with a change in voltage, current, phase, or other electric characteristic
3. Transformers. More than meets the eye. Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of... the Decepticons. Transformers. Robots in disguise. Transformers. More than meets the eye. Transformers.
posted by Aikido at 5:39 PM on April 6, 2002

...not that I've purchased any recently. No, that would be silly...
posted by NortonDC at 6:03 PM on April 6, 2002

BB gun?! It shoots BBs?! I want to find more about this robot.

Think of the cats that can be terrorized.
posted by geoff. at 6:06 PM on April 6, 2002

If it's remote control and has projectile-firing capabilites, then the possibilities for improvised personal modifications ('transforming' them, if you will) are fantastically vast. If these had come out when I was a kid, I would have wasted many hours attempting to convert them into weapons of mass destruction. I was the neighbourhood OBL, only without the beard.
posted by RokkitNite at 7:46 AM on April 7, 2002

These things should be co-opted by the military.
posted by GirlFriday at 9:44 AM on April 7, 2002

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