"I put the wig on and people laughed.”
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"Joanne the Scammer lives for drama. Branden Miller is just trying to live." Performer and comic Branden Miller is a quiet young man who collects fragrances. His comic persona Joanne The Scammer is a fur-wrapped con artist moving from one stolen credit card to another and a Twitter sensation. The Fader talked to Miller about racial indenity, growing up gay, sex work, the fragility of internet fame, and getting scammed.
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God I love her so much.
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Fantastic article.

Also, 45 minutes from Pulse, 40 minutes from where Trayvon Martin was shot. Florida is weird.
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Whoa, this is great! Thanks so much for posting this. I would so love to check out Branden's fragrance collection. What an interesting person--I wanted to read even more.
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>Florida is weird<

Not News Headline :)

S'Ok, we like it anyway.
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This is the pilot for a show I would love to watch. ICONIC!
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Joanne the Scammer breaks into Chelsea Peretti's house
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