How good is London's Air, live.
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How good is London's Air, live. Do you know how polluted your city is? Air quality is a serious issue and being the free display of vast quantities of information, something that the internet is quite good at (like this site for LA).
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btw, sample postcode for American users SE1 3RB. (my old uni flat)
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Very informative site. It would be a fantastic resource if it covered more of the world's cities.

This would be particularly helpful for people who exercise in polluted areas and who might not be fully aware that doing so at times of peak pollution levels may be doing more harm than good.

"An endurance athlete can process as much as twenty times the normal intake. Mouth breathing during exercise bypasses the nasal passages, the body's natural air filter.

These facts mean that when we exercise in polluted air, we increase our contact with the pollutants, and increase our vulnerability to health damage."

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> How good is London's Air


"On the week beginning 5th December 1952, four thousand Londoners died in the worst air-pollution disaster on record."
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