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eDesign is a new magazine/web site dedicated to "interactive design and commerce." Nice design; bummer about the frames.
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Credit where credit is due department: via What Do I Know, which is a cool weblog.
posted by kirkaracha at 7:18 PM on April 7, 2002

That is like, so 1998! Hey eDesign, it's time to move into the 21st century!
posted by mischief at 7:45 PM on April 7, 2002

They seem to be behind schedule, the pages with coming soon say come back in February.
posted by riffola at 7:49 PM on April 7, 2002

"bummer about the frames" that's the same thing I said about Wired News when they started doing that. It really is a shame.
posted by banished at 7:53 PM on April 7, 2002

You can see Wired news without the frames.
posted by panopticon at 9:01 PM on April 7, 2002

You can view it sans frames here. At least they don't force 'em on ya.
posted by bloggboy at 9:08 PM on April 7, 2002

Do-it-all tech toys offer everything—including the kitchen sink. By Nick Sweeney

When you combine a spoon and fork, you get a spork. Try to eat soup with a spork and you'll realize that soup-in-a-cup is a pretty good idea—with no utensil at all. Use it as a fork, or rather don't, since the prongs are too short to spear anything substantial enough to contain the calories to make up for the energy consumed in the effort.
I am definitely buying the issue to read that.
posted by riffola at 9:36 PM on April 7, 2002

call me a tech snob, but i'm not even going to bother with a magazine about interactive design that has captialised html tags in the year 2002 :)
posted by sawks at 3:59 AM on April 8, 2002

Yes, but in all fairness, eDesign is published by the Print magazine crew - and they are still getting hip to this funky new media jive.
posted by gsh at 7:33 AM on April 8, 2002

posted by wackybrit at 11:15 AM on April 8, 2002

Seems like k10k is dead and gone. A new group needs to come up with something. There could be 2 groups, those k10k guys and then the other one, when one design gets stale the other is ready, and they just keep rotating...? Impossible.
posted by greyscale at 7:58 PM on April 8, 2002

What, is Surfstation, Newstoday, Three-Oh, Design is Kinky, Pixelsurgeon, Caffe Mocha, Australian InFront and Linkdup not cutting it for you?
posted by Down10 at 8:07 PM on April 8, 2002

continuing the hijack:
it's not really so much about the links
IMO k10k had more style than the rest put together...
posted by juv3nal at 8:49 PM on April 8, 2002

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