Graphs of the Economy
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Macrotrends has tons of economic graphs. Interactive historical charts of the Dow Jones Industrials Index, gold, crude oil not to mention oats, wheat, silver and aluminum. Also US unemployment perspectives, US debt-to-GDP, US National debt by President and everyone's favorite the 1929 Stock Market Crash. The data and the graphs are free to download.
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A graph of the percentage of bank profits relative to total corporate profits would be interesting.
My assumption is that GDP growth has slowed since the Reaganist financial reforms of the 1980s.
In my little country Banks only want to lend to landlords. (how charming it is to see homeless people and beggars in a land of plenty).
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They don't have the very first thing I searched for... the velocity of money, which is key to everything.

The St Louis Fed does have the chart though, here's the link.

As you'll see the trend since about 2000 is almost a straight line down from 2.0, through 1.45 today towards 0, in about 30 years. Sometime before then, capitalism the dollar will collapse.
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So is this a credible source? Like, do they draw on objective data sources with cites? Or do they have an ideological slant? (I don't know enough to be able to tell.)
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Just last week I replaced a plain gold wedding band for which I paid about $100 in 2001. I was totally unprepared for it to set me back $350. Commodities prices are strange.
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