Who really killed Daniel Pearl?
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Who really killed Daniel Pearl? According to Tariq Ali, Pakistan's Secret Service was involved. Which might explain Musharraf's reluctance to extradite the suspect to Washington...
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ISI has been blamed for almost everything that goes wrong in India or on the international level... i doubt it.
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Besides, Musharraf is doing his part to systematically disable and reconfigure the old infrastructure. He needs time; it can't be done overnight; but he *is* doing it, and recent raids on extremists in Pakistan have attested to that.

In any case, this discussion is getting tiresome. Give it a few months.
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I agree change does not happen overnight, and he gets credit for the strong speech, but in reality, the questions/questionable situations keep cropping up, in one form or the other, for ex: The Pakistani president refuses to challenge army generals who still support and protect key radicals, said Afrasiab Khattak, head of the independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

I am waiting on actual results, rather than accepting the intent and saying that's enough. That's a start, he must follow up with real actions on the ground. When I can find and link to those articles, then this discussion will become tiresome to me.
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Here, chew on this for a while, Bitten. ;)
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Hey donkeyschlong, where there is a flame...

I chewed, spat up, left a bad taste... ;)

Did it affect my opinion, no. Communal violence of that nature will continue for a while, peace with pakistan may help to curb some of this form of behaviour, but it will not end it.

Large differing religious populations living side by side, with open hatred, throw in a large mix of poverty and increased intolerance since the "war on terrorism" and the media lash at Islam and the last few (more active) back and forths with pakistan, (kargil etc) was there any hope that this would not happen, if not in gujarat, then some other state. Remember, bombay, the sikhs, the tamils and so on and on and on.
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May be, if Vajpayee hadn't played the Hindu card in the last provincial elections and hadn't announced that he can win without the Muslims.
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Update: "Oppose Musharraf's referendum move, Washington Post advises Bush." Is the honeymoon coming to an end?
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Update: "Sheikh was their (the ISI’s) man and he was brought in to deal with Pearl. The ISI knew everything.”

"From a London public school to the shadow of the noose — Nick Fielding unravels a story of terrorism, betrayal and political intrigue that is approaching its denouement in a foreign courtroom."

Just keeps on coming, eh, I posted this here as opposed to starting a new thread, for reasons probably obvious to those who have followed the threads relating to this issue.
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