"never met a Spanish cape or Siberian squirrelfur lining he didn't like"
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Matthäus Schwarz was a 16th Century German accountant with a taste for fine clothing who managed to parlay his fashion sense into a noble title. He documented his life and clothing in an illuminated manuscript that has been recently translated, annotated and republished as The First Book of Fashion by Professor Ulinka Rublack and Maria Hayward, and includes reconstructed outfits by Jenny Tiramani. The process of remaking one of Schwarz's outfits is shown here. As befits a scholarly tome about a work often likened to modern style blogs, there is a First Book of Fashion Tumblr. Schwarz's son, Veit Konrad, also made his own illuminated style diary, but did not continue after his father's death in 1574. A slightly inaccurate copy was made in the 18th Century, a scan of which is available on Wikimedia Commons. Prof. Rublack puts Schwarz in context as a man of the Renaissance.
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The article "The First Book of Selfies", linked behind "often likened to modern style blogs", is by fashion historian Kimberley Chrisman-Campbell.
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It's a great book, I love seeing what he was wearing right around the time the Diet of Augsburg happened. My church and fashion history intersect in odd ways.
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> He caught the eye of Ferdinand, brother of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, who invited Schwarz to his wedding.

This makes it unclear whether he was invited as an interesting person or as interesting scenery.
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Dude is totally copping my style.
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