McDonald's 'collector' conquers North America
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McDonald's 'collector' conquers North America Peter Holden may well be the true burger king, having dined at 11,000 of the more than 13,500 McDonald's franchises in North America. Surely this has to be damaging to your health? I mean, can the human body really sustain two Maccas "meals" a day?
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Is this really even possible? He's only been alive ~14,200 days, if he's hit ~11,000 places, that's one hell of an average per day.
mmmmmm.... deep fried gooo....
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For the metric impaired: Standing 1.85m (6 feet) tall and weighing in at 88kg (194 pounds)...
Wasn't there somebody that did the same thing with Starbucks?
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The St. Louis riverboat franchise really is cool, though. We used to go there when I was a kid, but I don't know if my stomach can handle a tangy Big Mac while rocking (or smelling the STL Mississippi River) these days.
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Yeah there was someone who did it with Starbucks. Cant find the link though. 11,000 McDonalds wow. Some people are really good at one thing like rainman.
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"But his best-ever record was visiting 45 McDonald's locations in one day in Detroit, Michigan, on October 26, 1975."

A monomania that McDonald's should put to use. They have to pay other guys to go around to these places, and yet he eagerly hits up to 45 in one day. There must be some sort of inspector's position he would be really good at. Maybe he could be the opening expert -- they open one or two thousand new restaurants a year worldwide. Then he could also be the first customer at each of them.

Or he should learn how to be a clown.
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Just for the record, the St. Louis McDonalds riverboat is no more -- closed last year, even the barge is gone now. The Buger King/Arcade boat broke loose during the 1993 flood and sunk, taking a WWII minesweeper with it.

The tour outfit is still around, and somebody dumped a bunch of money into the 'Capt. Robert E. Lee' to turn it into a steak house, but then halted construction after 9/11.

The only things really hopping on the Riverfront now is a casino (which moved north a bit to the landing) and the Arch itself.
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Well damn, I'm sorry to hear the riverboat mickey D is no more. I was in St. Louis a long time ago, and went in for lunch just because it was so neat. It was definitely a different McDonalds dining experience - I don't remember the food being any better, though.
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A similar story from last year.
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And this is something to be proud of?
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I don't know what happened to the original link, but USA Today's link works.

This guy's cholesterol levels must be super-sized.
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has he been to the mcdonald's carts in disneyland?
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This guy's cholesterol levels must be super-sized.

Uhh. tsarfan. The article you linked to says "His cholesterol? 169."
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So if have high cholesterol I should start eating at McDonald's twice a day and I can get down to 169, as long as I stay away from the fries. That sounds like a diet I could live with, except for the lack of variety.
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Did he actually eat at all of those 45 detroit mickey d's in that one day? I've pissed in a lot more mcd's than i've eaten at. Drive around the midwest, you'll know why.
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Your health has been damaged when your head is bashed in enough to think this is what you want to do with your life.
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Jesus, his arteries must look like the solid-waste trap at the sewage-treatment plant.... When (not if) he dies of heart disease, what do you want to bet that his family tries to sue Mickey D's for selling unhealthy food?

As Red Foreman would say: DUMBASS!
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like most things that i read, or link to, in USA Today, danelope, i take it with a grain of salt - or in this case with about a cup of salt.

theres no way our boy has clean pipes. which isnt a diss to Mickey D's - which I love - in moderation.
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