From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration
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He is an amazing, amazing human being. He was also interviewed by Charlie Rose yesterday.
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On topic from 1919: The fight against lynching (also available this week from Project Gutenberg).
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Charles Pierce has a story about it as well.
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I had the pleasure of seeing him speak in February, at my company's weekly all-hands which was turned into a black history month event for one afternoon. He's an incredibly strong speaker; didn't really expect to be moved to tears at an afternoon work event.
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I used to work at NYU Law and have had the privilege to work with him and hear him speak on multiple occasions. I really identify with that paragraph of adulation midway through the article: to me, he is unquestionably a Great Person of our time. I'm glad to hear he's making progress on this mission to bear witness to the victims of lynching in America--it's a subject I've heard him mention as part of a larger context, but had no idea he was planning something so official.
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