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Salt Lake City progressive doom band SubRosa play a three-song set at Hellfest 2014. [Fat of the Ram, 0.04; Ghosts of a Dead Empire, 15.40; The Usher, 27:50.]

All of these tracks appear on the band's 2013 album, More Constant Than the Gods [Bandcamp].

In an interview with Noisey, SubRosa front-woman Rebecca Vernon talks about her faith, her family background, and her decision to devote the closing song, "Troubled Cells," on the band's new album to protesting the Mormon Church's November 2015 directives about same-sex relationships. SubRosa's new album, For This We Fought the Battle of Ages (released 26 August 2016), can be streamed in full via Noisey.

SubRosa Discography
No Help for the Mighty Ones LP (2011) [Bandcamp; YouTube].
Strega LP (2008) [Bandcamp].
The Worm Has Turned (2006) [Bandcamp].
"Key of the Eidolon" (2016 non-album track released on Flexi Disc, originally the outro to For This We Fought the Battle of Ages).

Interviews and Features
Interview with Rebecca Vernon (Obscene Magazine, July 2011).
Rebecca Vernon discusses, inter alia, the impact of Cormac McCarthy on her lyric writing (Isolation Grind, March 2011).
Full band interview (Decibel Magazine, September 2011).
Interview with Rebecca Vernon (Metal Recusants, May 2012).
Interview with Rebecca Vernon (Burning Fist, May 2015).
SubRosa (and other female-fronted metal and post-rock bands) talk about the influence of goth on their music (Bitch Media, August 2016).
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Really, really surprised and excited to see SubRosa here. "Cradles" was the first cut I heard from them and got me hooked.
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They'll also be performing at next year's Maryland Death Fest.
/rainbow The more you know
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That is some good stuff, thanks for posting.
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FTWFTBOA is on Bandcamp now as well. I got my vinyl earlier in the week, been waiting for the BC link to fire up so I can proselytize even more online!
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