Heavily-Delayed Horrors Beyond Human Reckoning
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The end of WTF D&D's epic saga of 90's music stars and cosmic horrors has finally begun, half a year after that post (which contains links to the entire story so far). Zack and Steve's zany game logs from the interim: Death Star plans on Naboo (1, 2), Dark Heresy: The Lost Dog Detectives (1, 2), a redneck WWE wrestler, a 90's Marvel character trapped in the Cinematic Universe (1, 2) and a Ghostbusters franchise in North Dakota (1, 2). As evidenced by the site's archives, much pointing and laughing at sourcebooks did indeed also ensue.
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I have really enjoyed the WTF D&D stuff (to the extent that I actually supported the Patreon). I just wish it was a little less erratic in both posted schedule and places.

Some older stuff that is good: WTF Battletech, Heroes Unlimited, and AD&D.

For all its mocking teenage boy tone (at least for Steve), WTF D&D has also been a surprisingly sane voice against sexism and racism in games (for their take on some of the worst "edginess", see this, but be warned, the material it mocks is really upsetting)
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I like these guys but I always seem to forget about them (probably their erratic schedule) until somebody posts something here about them. Which I appreciate. So reading through some of their older stuff from earlier this year... their RPG of the Marvel Civil War with the Nth Man is pretty funny. In fact, I'd actually rather watch their version then the real version.
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From Naboo #1:


Zack: There’s my character. I am Alex Jones.

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