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Among the lesser-known post-Milne works involving Winnie the Pooh is Disney's syndicated comic strip, running from '78 to '88 (following all but one of the theatrical featurettes, preceding the first animated series and beginning before the live-action Welcome to Pooh Corner). It is most well known for its characterizations, as seen in a series of examples aptly named Poohdickery. You can read much more of the comic starting here (earliest comic in archive with working image). And apropos of this post about online Russian movies, the beloved and brilliant Soviet adaptation, Vinni Puh (One, Two, Three Part 1, Three Part 2) (Wikipedia: One, Two, Three).
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That Russian version is great! I love it.
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The Russian cartoons are amazing. Beautiful art, but what's really striking is how much the stories and characters are improved by removing Christopher Robin.
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I can't stand what Disney did to Pooh (or Alice in Wonderland, for that matter) but I, too, love those Russian cartoons. Thanks for posting!
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My favorite part of the Russian cartoons is the little ditty Pooh hums to himself as he walks. It's . . . weirdly aggressive? But very rhythmic and walkable.

"Poom-pa-room-poom, poom-pa-room-poom, Vin-ni-Puh!"

Also, Winnie: "Piglet! Do you have a gun at home?!?!", Piglet: "Yes!", Me: "What? Why? You are a pig! What is up with you, Russia???"
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the beloved and brilliant Soviet adaptation, Vinni Puh

Not to be confused with the Estonian adaptation, Winny Puhh. (previously on MeFi in 2013)
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Here's another gallery of those weirdly hostile comic strips. The characters and scenery are all drawn on model, but everything else (even the body language) is alien to both the Disney and Milne versions of Pooh.
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