Avalanches rock it on BBC's Essential Mix, and so much more
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Last week, BBC 1 broadcast the first Essential Mix from The Avalanches (tracklist, BBC iPlayer / Mixcloud / Global Sets), which they made in support of their new album, Wildflower (YouTube playlist; previously). This is their first broadcasted mix since 2002, according to MixesDB, where you can find 13 more mixes, to expand the band's limited discography. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

That reddit link has 60 (!!) mixes, including a number from the "quiet period" from 2002 to 2016, where MixesDB makes it look like The Avalanches crew were idle, or at least not sharing any mixes. (We know this isn't true, as we discussed "Sleepy Bedtime Mix For Young Ones" previously in 2012).
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Also available on Soundcloud from BBC Essential Mix Repost (An excellent resource for more Essential Mixes than not)
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The recent Essential Mix is outstanding, not only in its diversity but kinda revealing the curtain behind some of the artists sampled on Wildflower. Quick example: the song Subways (with its Yellow Submarine-inspired video, eluding to a lost project of theirs involving an animated film) samples a song by the same name by Chandra, a 12-year old singer circa 1980 tied to the mutant disco scene in NYC. The song appeared on the Transportation album, which is where the song Kate comes from, which pops up towards the second hour of the BBC mix.
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myopicman, I agree, and thanks for those links. Here's two more: Cancelling Stamps in Ghana, from the Book + CD set Worlds of Music: An Introduction to the Music of the World's Peoples (PDF, from Tandon Books).
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I love this new mix. It's incredible.

To be honest, I love their mixes almost as much as I love their albums.
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I loved this mix, probably a bit more than the recent album, which was also very good
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oh dear, I'm so glad you posted this, filthy light thief, it is truely great.
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Deep into this mix right now, and it's a very nice end-of-summer capper. Thanks so much for bringing attention to it. Love The Avalanches, but did not know about this one.
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That rhythm track at 33:00....
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I'm starting the Essentials Mix right now, and poring over the tracklist on MixesDB. Looks fantastic, very happy to see acts like Edan and Moondog getting some love. I also see one that's ? - The Snake and I fully intend to keep track (heh) and listen when that one comes up, but if anyone has already heard it and can tell me, is that the "poem" that Trump keeps reading? The Al Wilson song? Just curious, it stood out to me.
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Nope, no Al Wilson, and I'm pretty sure it's not the instrumental track, either.

Bonus link: here's the mix on YouTube with the tracklist (but no handy links to times in the mix) in the description, from a Radio 1 Essential Mix fan channel.
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