Cookie Art
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Amber Spiegel is a cookie artist. Using the nomnomnom de plume "sweetambs " she offers short video lessons in royal icing artistry on Instagram and longer lessons on YouTube, Facebook, and her own blog. [Note: videos have (soothing) background music.]
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All I can think about is John C. Reilly's dragée addiction.
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Man, some of these cookies are so pretty, I feel like I'd be super uncomfortable eating them. (But I would still eat them.)
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Oh, goshwow. Wouldn't it be great to have one and wear it around your neck as a pendant and when you were having an especially annoyed moment you could just reach down and put it in your mouth and CRUNCHHHHHH!! sweet sweet heaven.

With bonus freaking people out around you for eating your pendant.
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Well there goes another hour of my day. I find this genre of cookie-icing / cake-decorating / adding-pretty-sugar-topping-to-baked-goods video completely addictive. Is it art? Is it craft? Is it glorifying a sugar addiction with gaudy artificial colors or is it a celebration of what a person can do with a cookie?
Also notable: Extreme baking!
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Yay! Amber is a friend of mine and lives in my town, and she is an absolute sweetheart (yes, as sweet as her cookies, which BTW are completely delicious). I can't wait to show her this post!
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My dad has colon cancer, I sprained my ankle, my husband and I have been fighting, our old dog cant stop pooping on the floors, LIFE IS STRESSFUL RIGHT NOW but oh holy cats, this is helping. My 7 year old and I are ensconced in some blankies and planning on watching these for as long as we can get away with.
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That's my kind of art! Wouldn't eat any of it because my body can't handle the sugar rush anymore, but it inspires me to want to create!
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I've been thinking about taking one of her classes. I really adore baking, and precise, technical decorating. I love watching the videos and seeing the techniques she uses.
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