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Weird Paul Petroskey has been writing songs for 15 years, and has a lo-fi catalog rivaling Lou Barlow (over 400 songs). While everyone else is arguing who the savior of rock is (Andrew W.K.? Please....), I argue that Weird Paul is the savior of music itself. Pop culture classics such as "Piece of Meat in the Tang" and "Please Don't Break My Atari" are available for download here. Listen and enjoy.
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First, I don't get the Andrew W.K. thing. It sucks. Critics can be such sheep.

Second, everybody and their dog has been hailed as the saviour of rock, whether it be Godsmack/Staind/any other flavor of the moment. Hell I was the saviour of rock for two consecutive months in 98. Since this happens every year, I'm just going to hazard a guess that rock doesn't need saving.

Britney Spears and her ilk are the saviours of music. There can be no counter-culture (read: good music) without a mainstream culture to lash at. Otherwise it's just a fragmented demographic, not a movement. See Punk.
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The savior of rock music is not a lo-fi knock-off of Wierd Al, thats for sure. It's not Andrew WK either. If you want kitchy, strange music, I suggest Shat. It's in the same vein, but a lot more twisted and sophmoric.

The sad thing is, is there probably isn't any savior. There's no new Elvis, no new Clash, no new Nirvana to come and blow away all the bullshit. There probably wont be for a while. Untill then, keep your ear to the ground and turn off the radio. You'll be able to find some cool music that way.
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Blargh, Andrew WK sucks. Remember six months ago when The Strokes were the "saviors of rock"? They're not bad, but definitely not saviors.
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Check out "Wasted My Masterball on Freakin' Goldeen". I found Weird Paul by Googling for the "Magical Musical Thing" by Mattel. This led into a whole day wasted surfing circuitbending sites
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you people seem to be missing the point... we've all more or less seen the movie, now all we have to wait for wyld stallions to win the battle of the bands over primus. then rock music can be saved.

i think one day we'll build whole cities around wyld stallions...
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Wait a MinutE, back that truck the fuck up. Weird Paul is NOT a knockoff of Weird Al. Lofi yes, and he's keepin the faith. It's been 17 years since me & my Droogs were rockin' the bent Magical Musical Thing, beating on mic'd trashcans, playin our guitars through tube amplifiers scavenged from school surplus film projectors. Wish I'd never stopped. Weird Paul hasn't.

The Savior of Rock & Roll is younger than You & me and WE won't like her sound.

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Not that the doors could ever play their instruments competantly.

I don't think R&R is gonna have a savior. There is no reason for that to be necessary. There is no reason the same cycle of crap will continue for the rest of our lives. Just be thankful the stooges recorded 3 albums before they burnt out.
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