A pint of fear and home by teatime
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Fundamentalist punk rock art collective The Mekons present their "hymn for Brexit," Fear & Beer. This track, like the rest of their new album Existentialism, was recorded on a single microphone in a single evening in front of a paying audience. The 75 attendees, dubbed the Mekoristers and credited by their names in the liner notes of the album, sang backing vocals in the style of Phil Minton's famous feral choirs. They become almost another instrument or sound effect — a distant, disconcerting drone or howl that permeates songs of political unrest and social chaos. Plus, you can dance to them (or simply shout along).
They are a punk band but they don't play punk rock, exactly. They mess around with country, reggae, cabaret, folk, Eastern music and whatever else they can shake loose in their cultural scavenger trips. The experiments keep coming because they'd be bored silly otherwise, which brings the band to its latest album in a recording career that stretches back to 1978. As usual, it finds the Mekons upending formulas — in this case, the rock cliche known as "the live album." - Mekons give 'live album' cliche a twist with 'Existentialism'
The Mekons were also recently the subject of the Joe Angio film Revenge of the Mekons. (previously)

Bonus: a complete live show from the Bowery Ballroom in 2015.
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If this isn't enough Mekons, Bonnie "Prince" Billy and friends release their all-Mekons covers record Fanatic Voyage September 16th on Drag City.
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There is never enough Mekons. Great post!
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The Mekons never disappoint.
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> There is never enough Mekons. Great post!

That's what I was going to say! I will favorite anything Mekons-related. Mekons rule!
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Hello to Mekons!
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moar meeks, plz.
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I have been known to tell people IRL that--while I understand that tastes differ and not everyone will like the same things--if they don't like the Mekons, they should never ever tell me so, because I'd just be so damned disappointed in them.
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Not quite eponysterical, but if you kind of squint and tilt your head just right ...
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Mekons Mekons Mekons!
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I love the feral choir link, thank you for that.
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By the way, this album is FANTASTIC. One of their very best. If you care even a little about this band, you should hunt it down ASAP.
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thanks for posting this. Recently watched the Mekons doc and realized I forgot how great this band is. True heroes. The real deal.
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Chivalrous Amoekons, the aforementioned Mekons tribute with Will Oldham, Angel Olsen and others, comes out tomorrow. Their version of "Oblivion" is on Soundcloud now.
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