"Do you guys ever think about when we were just pets?"
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Dogtor is a short, sweet animated film by Rhea Dadoo about friendship and reflecting on personal journeys--also dogs!
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dogtor dogtor gimme the news i got a...baaad case of loooooovin you!!!
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I wouldn't really trust a doctor that eats their own puke.
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I loved that, thanks

even if I am a cat
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I am sort of wondering how she handled the MCAT.

I ate my homework isn't much of an excuse, either.
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Well that was just adorable. I would be 100% in favor of replacing about half the doctors at my local hospital with dogs.
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Oh... that little sequence where pre-doctor Lucy leans into the little kid petting her - so sweet and perfect. And it actually encapsulates the whole idea of this little film. What do we do with the time we have.. and what gives us happiness and fulfillment? I mean, as Lucy says "med school is a long time, and dogs don't live that long!"
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That was odd...and sweet! Thanks
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That was really cute, thanks for posting it. Every time I watch it, the next video that loads starts with a walking penis. Just thought I'd mention that in case anyone wants to share this with their kids.
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Oh, that was sweet!
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