"I regret we weren’t able to do more with the monkeys."
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I'm mostly just glad to get the final word on Luigi from Miyamoto himself, considering how much time I spent trying all manner of arcane jumps in the Rainbow Ride level to unlock him.
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This is awesome:

—Now that you mention it, Mario 64 did seem a bit Zelda-ish at times.

Miyamoto: For me, Mario and Zelda exist side by side. Their basic gameplay elements are the same, with the only difference being that one focuses on action, and the other on puzzle solving. They’re always developed at the same time, and lots of good ideas from Mario get used in Zelda, and vice-versa.

Actually, the castle system for Mario 64 was originally something I thought of for Zelda, and now that we’ve used it here, I’m wondering what we’re going to do for Zelda… (laughs) In any event, I’m really looking forward to developing the next N64 game. Uh oh, I better stop before I end up talking about what we’re making now. (laughs)

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That next game presumably being The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
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"I regret we weren’t able to do more with the monkeys."

a fitting epitaph for planet earth, I feel
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Miyamoto: You’ve got a good eye. (laughs) The area around his hips is a big “joint” that controls which way his body moves. We created all his movements from that point of origin: when he accelerates and inclines forward, when he turns and leans left or right, etc. So Mario sort of runs like Arale-chan, with the correct sense of weight in the body.

Arale-chan, the perpetually 8-year-old robot girl from Dr. Slump, is delightful, and it's nice to think that some aspect of her is in Mario. (Fun fact: she loves poop!)
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SM64 was one of those games where you realized things were about to change -- 3D cards hadn't penetrated the market yet, and 3D platformer wasn't even a thing. They nailed it so well in only 8 MB.

(Also, it occurs to me that Peach summoned Mario to the castle by claiming she had baked him a cake. Then after she's rescued, she offers to bake him a cake, Well where's the *original* cake then?!? I guess the cake has always been a lie.)
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