The Australian mosque
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The Australian mosque. On Australia's contribution to Islamic architecture.
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colloquialism translation:
Vinnies, n: A thrift shop run by the Australian branch of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.
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I found this really moving, and connected to how i felt about mosques in Canada.
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Since the article barely mentions Islamophobic sentiments in Australia, here's a short clip from SBS about the violent protests against the building of a mosque in Bendigo.
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Since the article barely mentions Islamophobic sentiments in Australia....

I thought this was one of the interesting things about this article, that instead of writing within a history of Othering it simply took for granted that Islam is a part of Australian history and culture.

Of course Islamophobia is strong in Australia, my extended family can attest to that. But it's refreshing to read something that doesn't emerge from, or in response to, a perceived civilisational clash.
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I so love the pictures of the mosques and seeing how they have adapted to the local environment. Very Australian! And its great to see something on the positive and long standing contribution that Muslims have made to Australian culture.
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This is a great piece, thanks for sharing! I love the diversity of architectural and decorative styles here--both the imported ones and the improvisational results of repurposed structures.
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I found this interesting and persuasive:
The adhan (call to prayer) also left no trace upon the soil, but as noted by historian Regina Ganter, some have argued the adhan echoes in Indigenous languages along places once visited by the Macassans.
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This was a fantastic read, thanks for sharing!
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