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Slovenian Photographer Matic Zorman was awarded first prize (category: People) at this year's World Press Photo contest (previously), for a picture of a young refugee girl, Waiting to Register, taken one year ago in a small border town in Serbia. Winning changed his life - now he wants to help change hers.

Zorman shot just one image, and didn't stop to take down her name or details. He writes "that image is not her complete story. I see it as the surface, the beginning of it. [...] I think I owe her and her family their complete story at least.
If her family will be willing to let me close and share parts of their life with me, I will know if her journey can represent the story of thousands juvenile refugees who shared the same roads paved with uncertainty.

Regardless the outcome, I believe this mission can also help us understand the effort and struggle endured by those refugee families who got separated while forced to find a new safer life.
Let’s take on the road and experience achieving the impossible together.

He invites anyone with relavant information to contact him at:
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Jesus, that grainy, black and white picture of a baby being handed past the razor wire.
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“I did not want to disrupt her so I did not talk to her,” he says. “[I didn’t notice] the raincoat which fell over and covered her face as I pressed the shutter, I just walked further to the entrance of the registration centre to get a wider image of the area.” It was only later that he noticed that she was “seemingly suffocating” and that the image symbolised the struggle endured by so many refugees.

i can appreciate Matic not wanting to bother her considering i just saw a photo exhibit what amounted to some dude touring around slums and impoverished areas and used captions that bemoaned his inability to get the women in the pictures to smile. grrr.

i hope this child is found and she and her family are safe or Matic can help them be safe.
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